Updated DVD database list for

DVD database files you can download out of the software:
– 47 Ronin
– The Boy Next Door
– Wrath Of The Titans
– Ouija
– Kick-Ass 2
– Dracula Untold
– Zookeeper
– Dylan Dog: Dead Of Night
– Rock of Ages
– A Million Ways to Die in the West

DVD database files that are same for BD and DVD:
– Endless Love
– Roommate
– Bad Teacher
– Get On Up
– Unbroken
– Fifty Shades of Grey
– Neighbors
– The Campaign
– The Tourist

To see and download/install DVD files, please select the “Show DVD database list” from the popup menu.

CinEx HD Utility - Remove Cinavia from DVD

  1. gtirila@gmail.com

    I see “cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2” in the list, downloaded the database, but doesn’t appear inside the program. I redownloaded the list but still doesn’t show up.

  2. jmehrlich@comcast.net

    The Bad Teacher DVD/BR database is faulty for the R1 retail. For the BR database, it only strips Cinavia from one of the 2 versions (theatrical and extended) of the movie; on the other, it gets 61% done with analyzing and says its a mismatch. When the database is used on the R1 retail of the DVD version (also has 2 versions of the movie), the CinEX HD Utility crashes during analysis. US UPC codes for the movies are 43396 38786 (BR) and 43396 38577 (DVD). Any help?

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