Unbroken Database available

Today we have release the database file for the blockbuster “Unbroken”. This is our first database basing on Atmos/TrueHD audio track.

  • Unbroken, English Track

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  1. DVDRangerForum@gmail.com

    Before you ask When A title will be available or you have and Issue:

    The forum has most of your questions answered about titles completed and which are in the works and whats coming

    If you have a question or issue try one of the Topic lounges that pertain to the software in use and or the Database Releases Coming or still being worked on ,

    There is even a Topic for newly found Studio Titles released in different Regions B and C that have Cinavia on or not on along with known titles to have the New Dolby Atmos and True audio 7.1.

    You will get faster responses to your questions in the Forum , so the CinEx HD Lab can focus on working through the uncompleted historic Titles and the new Cinavia infected coming Titles.

    One thing to remember ” if the removal of Cinavia was easy” all of the other software companies would be removing Cinavia ” It’s not Easy.

  2. infomax1@comcast.net

    So what is the timeline on Mockingjay-Part 1? Where are these Topic Lounges? I’ve tried to find them without much luck. Please enlighten me without the sarcasm. Thanks very much.

  3. DVDRangerForum@gmail.com

    There are Blue Header Bars , with main subject titles of each of DVDRanger – DVDRanger CinEx HD – CinEx HD Utility – CinEx HD Database , Lounges for each , Update News Section . There are 15 more major topics . So if you have been in the forum the lounges for your specific question would be directed to the specific topic. The forum sends out a News Letter on all new Database releases and software news.

    Hunger Games Mocking J + will be released when the CinEx Hd Lab has completed the removal of Cinavia from Region A B C from the different languages it is being identified in and not sooner. Use SoundTouch if you cant wait. “My Sarcasm” until there is a database released

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