The Magnificent Seven Database Available (Update)

Today we have release the database files for the blockbusters:

  • The Magnificent Seven, English Track

New database available, please download again.

There is also a database available for torrent MKV files. Please read:

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    • admin

      As written inside the database list, it is playlist (mpls) 355. 388.m2ts is not part of this playlist. It really do not make sense to discuss now every m2ts from segmented movies. I just want to remember that a Lionsgate disk has hundrets of different playlists with different segments, fake segments. So please keep calm and just test that what is used and do not make wrong post that will unsettle other users. Thank you.


          I can confirm that 355 works flawless 100% no detection of cinavia at all on my SONY bluray player . ..thanks so much labs keep up the awesome work now I can watch my back up with no problems. any work on a fix for Bluray 3D??? I want angry Birds 3D … and it .has cinavia 🙁


    This title was released in 7 countries in 2 regions Region A released USA/Can Region B 2017 release

    So if your release is CAN let us know , We own USA so we can compare .

  2. RumbleFish

    I’m using the U.S. Retail Region A Blu-ray release, playlist 355, and the “ghost” audio seems to be getting out of sync around 40 minutes into the movie (continues for the rest of the feature). Cinavia warning is not popping up, but the sync issue with the original and spliced-in audio (sounds like an echo) makes it unwatchable.

    • admin

      I really do not understand how it is possible to get static audio out of sync. The database was done with the US Retail Region A Blu-ray. So it will fit 100%. Maybe you have used the torrent database?


        What is the major software your using to back this title up If it is DF Ver 10 after reading through there forum reports on audio this sync issue appears to be with their software . Please note ” but the sync issue with the original and spliced-in audio (sounds like an echo)” “CinEx HD does not splice in audio it removes the signal itself “

        • RumbleFish

          Ok, that makes sense. I should have clarified, I have a regular USA Retail copy of the disc that I’m making a backup copy of, ran it through DVDFab Version I tried first to rip the full disc, and when I ran it through CineXHD the program just crashed as soon as I selected the database and chose the “start” button. I then tried a movie-only backup of just playlist 355 using DVDFab, and when I ran the movie-only version through CineXHD it processed without issue but resulted in the out-of-sync audio. I haven’t seen CineXHD have any trouble with Sony discs before, so I should have assumed that there was something wrong with the DVDFab version 10 update. I’ll try using version and see if that makes a difference.

  3. RumbleFish

    I’ve tried ripping to the harddrive using DVDFab versions 9 & 10 then running through CineXHD, ripping using Redfox, and also going directly from the disc (with Redfox enabled), and each time the resulting file has audio that gets out of sync at exactly the same place. At this point I think that it has to be a database issue, or maybe multiple versions of the US retail disc were released. Nobody else is having this problem?

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