The Huntsman: Winter’s War (Theatrical DVD/BD) Database Available

Today we have released the database files for the blockbusters:

  • The Huntsman: Winter’s War (Theatrical) (DVD), English Track
  • The Huntsman: Winter’s War (Theatrical) (BD), English Track

DVD Note:
Do not forget that you can download database files for DVD only out of the software, not out of the member area.
Please follow this guides:
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    i use the data base on english track and then i use soundtouch 2 on other language track.

    When I’m watching the movie there many bug in the playback… (graphic bug)

    • admin

      1.) CinEx HD do not do any graphic change in your movie.
      2.) Track 800 and 801 are not each one file. This are segmented playlists. So you have changed playlist 800. Second 801 with many same files. So the muxing and codecs are mixed up.

      We have written this a couple of times: Change first the extended Track in most cases theatrical is fixed, too. The extended database is most time released 24 hours after the theatrical.


    Hummm i had the rental canadian release so no extended version… Only theatrical cut.

    its look you can’t use more then 1 time cinex hd on a full blu-ray… So you have to choose 1 language right?

    • admin

      Sure you can use it more than one time. Many users are doing this( Like English DB and French SoundTouch2). But as usual, make sure that the disk is copied and decrypted well.

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