The Boss (DVD) Database Available

Today we have released the database files for the blockbuster:

  • The Boss (DVD), English Track

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    There are 2 versions of this movie on the Reg A retail DVD, rated and unrated. This database is for the Rated version, Title 1, running time 1:38. I have run it and it appears to disinfect the Rated version of the movie perfectly. Title 2 has a running time of 1:44 and the database is a mismatch.

    You may want to update the name of the database and clarify that this database only works with the Rated version, and I am hoping that an unrated version will be forthcoming? 🙂


        The Unrated DVD database worked like a charm! Audio sounds great. No issues with database mismatch. Hopefully other users can confirm success as well. Thanks again for the very fast work, and you may want to make sure to update the Cinavia movies list to reflect both Rated and Unrated databases now exist.

        On another note, any more progress on Ted 2 DVD Rated and Unrated versions?


            Have just confirmed. Yes, the DVD database version of Ted 2 is the Rated version (there are 2 versions on the retail DVD, and the database only works on the Rated version, play time 1:55:32. The Unrated version of the combo DVD has a play time of 2:05:43.

            Thanks in advance for a database to the Unrated version, and once done, it is probably worth updating the description of the existing database to Ted 2 Rated (DVD), instead of just Ted 2 (DVD).


            P.S. Same issue with Dirty Grandpa. Still missing the Unrated DVD version of that title. Just to keep in mind as you finish off all of the outstanding titles. Thanks again for all of the hard work!

          • admin

            I have added Ted 2 unrated DVD database. Please update your database list and check out. Maybe you can test this database because I do not have the complete DVD.


            Ted 2 Unrated DVD database is perfect! That is a record time between asking for a title and receiving the database. Thanks so much!!!!


    Yeah definitely need to update the name, i thought this was the Unrated Version. Thank you for the hard work thought, hopefully there’s an unrated version soon.

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