Ted 2 Theatrical Version / Hotel Transylvania 2 Database Available

Today we have release the database files for the blockbusters:

  • Ted 2 Theatrical Version Blu-ray, English Track
  • Ted 2 Theatrical Version DVD, English Track
  • Hotel Transylvania 2, English Track

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  1. jmehrlich@comcast.net

    Sadly, the Ted 2 DVD database is crashing the CinEx HD utility itself during scan and analyze. I have tried with all of the available Ted 2 databases, and each does the same thing. I had a similar problem with Bad Teacher DVD and was never able to resolve this. I tried uninstalling CinEx HD and reinstalling, as well as removing all databases and only installing the Ted 2 database. I am a registered user on Win 7. Has anyone else experienced a crash of the CinEx utility as the program tries to do its thing?

    • admin

      Nothing is sadly. If you have this problems, problems that we do not have, I suggest to make an ISO rip with AnyDVD and send us the ISO. Then we can first compare by md5 about differences and then we check about possible crashes.
      We wish to help our customers but sometimes we need the co-operation to help. I hope you understand.

  2. marchibben@msn.com

    Did you try a previous version of the CinEx Utility and see if the problem exists with that version? If it doesn’t then you can eliminate that it’s the database file. If it does then obviously it’s either the file , that particular version on CinEX Utility or you have some corrupted file during conversion process . I am running Windows 7 and the current version of CinEX Utility and have all the database files for Ted 2. I’m not experiencing any problems at all with these files. Try a quick computer cleanup for adaware, viruses, and registry. Defragment, disk cleanup and try again.

    • jmehrlich@comcast.net

      Did it all. I run a very clean machine. Used both System Mechanic, Gridinsoft Anti-Malware, and Norton, scanned and cleaned it all. Still no dice. The idea about trying an older version of CinEx is a good one, but unfortunately, I deleted the earlier versions and this site no longer has the older versions available for download, even in the archives – it just redirects to the current version, so I am stuck.

      Here is a video showing what I am experiencing:


      Any help appreciated. This is driving me crazy, as it is only the second title I have had this problem with. All others have been flawless.

  3. DVDRangerForum@gmail.com

    Ok I see the difference of time 025192242236 DVD Unrated
    Unrated is 2:06 Theatrical 1:57 on the DVD

    Retail we used
    BD is the same time .025192242250 Combo set
    Unrated is 2:06 Theatrical 1:57 on the DVD

    Thank for the feedback

    • jmehrlich@comcast.net

      So will the Lab be providing a database to cover the Ted 2 DVD with both versions? For the record, even when trying to use the Ted 2 Theatrical version DVD database on the Theatrical track of the DVD containing both, it still crashes CinEX HD.

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