Rip And Convert Blu-ray 3D To DivX

This tutorial will explain how you can use DVD-Ranger to copy a Blu-ray 3D movie to a mobile format. DVD-Ranger will copy one 2D channel of your 3D Movie to a common video file or AVCHD disk.

DVD-Ranger – Download and install the latest rendition of DVD-Ranger
Decrypter – Download and install AnyDVD HD or Passkey

Step 1: Source Disk

Insert the Blu-ray 3D into your drive

Step 2: Selecting your Source

To rip and convert a Blu-ray 3D, make sure that a mobile project tab (“TV” or other) is selected (1a). If “BD/DVD Player” is selected, DVD-Ranger will open a special dialog.
Select the source location of your Blu-ray 3D disc by using “Select your Source” (1b). You can choose from an ISO file, your hard disc, or a removable storage device.

DVD-Ranger - Blu-ray 3D to Divx / Step 2

Step 3: Disc Analysis

DVD-Ranger will automatically begin analysis of the Blu-ray disc. Once this process is completed, the window will close. You can interrupt this process by clicking “Cancel” (2) if DVD-Ranger will not complete the task.

DVD-Ranger - Blu-ray 3D to Divx / Step 2

Step 4: Selecting the Target

There are various target tabs that you can choose from, each containing preset profiles (3). For our purposes in this tutorial, we have selected the TV option. As our target device, we have chosen “DVD to Xvid” (4). We can click on the profile listing (5) to select “Plus HD – 640 LQ h264/768kbps AAC/128kbps”.

Note: You can check the selected source in the status bar (6). In this case, we have chosen a “Blu-ray” source.

DVD-Ranger - Blu-ray 3D to Divx / Step 4

Step 5: Selecting the specifics

When rendering to a mobile format, you have the ability to choose one title (7), one language (8), and one subtitle (9). The internal player (10) allows you to preview the title, and because the player can play HD movies, you will not experience any stuttering. To see the full-screen view, simply double-click the player.

DVD-Ranger - Blu-ray 3D to Divx / Step 5

Step 6: Configuring the profile

Profiles can be amended to suit your specific needs. Simply click “Configure” (11) to open the “Configure Profile” queue. Once this is opened, you can make your changes and click “OK” to accept them (12). If you would like to leave the menu without accepting the changes, click “Cancel” (13).

Note: You can save any edited profiles by clicking “Save” (14). To access them in the future, use the “Custom Tab” (15).

Hint: To alter the ‘Zoom’ of the target video, see “Using Zoom Function” tutorial.

DVD-Ranger - Blu-ray 3D to Divx / Step 6

Step 7: Starting the Copy Process

DVD-Ranger will suggest a file name and path for your project (16). You can alter these by clicking the “…” button (17). You can save the entire copying process by pressing the “Start” button (18).

DVD-Ranger - Blu-ray 3D to Divx / Step 7

Step 8: Copying to Mobile

DVD-Ranger will not automatically start the copying process (19). To interrupt, simply click “Cancel” (21). In certain configurations, the bitrate meter (20) will be disabled.

DVD-Ranger - Blu-ray 3D to Divx / Step 8

Step 9: Completion Message

Once the copying process has concluded, DVD-Ranger will notify you with a message.

DVD-Ranger - Blu-ray 3D to Divx / Step 9