Install Database Files

With CinEx HD Utility 1.6 you can install & download the database files out of the software. It is also possible to uninstall the database files.

CinEx HD Utility– Download and install the latest rendition of CinEx HD Utility

Step 1: Start CinEx HD Utility

Start CinEx HD Utility and select the movie you want to install / download (1).

CinEx HD Utility- Install Database

Step 2:

Open the popup menu with clicking the right mouse button and click on “Install” (2).

CinEx HD Utility- Download Database

Step 3: Start the installation / download

CinEx HD Utility will now download the database file from the server. You can see a progress bar at the bottom (3).

Hint: If you cannot download the database out of the software (Firewall or proxy) you still can download all database files from our member area at:
Full version:

CinEx HD Utility- Best Quality