Download YouTube Video

This particular tutorial will outline the process of downloading a YouTube video file and converting it into another format via the DVD-Ranger platform.

DVD-Ranger – Download and install the latest rendition of DVD-Ranger

Step 1: Getting Started

To get started, open DVD-Ranger, click “File” in the upper menu and selected “Download YouTube Video” (1).

DVD-Ranger - Download YouTube Step1

Step 2: Selecting the Path

The dialog status bar found at the bottom of the queue (2) will show you the path that DVD-Ranger will use to download and save the YouTube videos. You can alter it by clicking “File” and “Save to” (3). This will open a generic folder, giving you the ability to select or rename the folder as you see fit.

DVD-Ranger - Download YouTube Step2

Step 3: Adding the YouTube video

You can add a YouTube video to the download queue by copying the web URL to the path outlined in the edit box (4). You can now click “Add” (5).

DVD-Ranger - Download YouTube Step3

Step 4: Editing Project Details

Once you have clicked the “Add” feature, a new dialogue will appear which gives you the ability to edit or select the details included with your download. DVD-Ranger will suggest a title (6), which you can change as you see fit.
There are several specifics that you can use when downloading a YouTube video (7).

DVD-Ranger - Download YouTube Step4

Step 5: Adding Downloads to the Batch Listing

DVD-Ranger will now add the downloaded file to the batch list (8). You can add as many downloads as you like to this listing. You can determine whether or not you would like DVD-Ranger to open the first file that you have downloaded from the list (9) once the dialogue box closes.
Once you have selected your settings, you can click “Start” (10) to begin the downloading process.

DVD-Ranger - Download YouTube Step5

Step 6: Concluding the Process

Once the downloads are finished, DVD-Ranger will denote the successful download with a green checkmark (11). You can close this dialogue box by clicking “Close” (12).

DVD-Ranger - Download YouTube Step6