Understand Cross-Mapping

A very innovative feature of CinEx HD is the cross-mapping

The cross-mapping feature is very important for all upcoming features. You will find the cross mapping in many new Cinavia removing features, including the new Torrent feature.


Cross-mapping in simple words: If a database was added from USA you can use the database in UK, Australia or wherever. Same if we added a database from UK you can use it in USA and other countries.

The cross-mapping allows you to select a database from the database list and to copy your Blu-ray Cinavia free with this database. DVD-Ranger has a built-in protection and terminates the copy when the database does not match to the Blu-ray source. With this innovative feature you can, for example, copy a Australian Blu-ray with a U.S. or UK database.

Read the following instructions to work with the cross-mapping:

Step 1: Source disc

Insert a Blu-ray into your drive.

Step 2: Selecting the Source

From the “Select your Source” menu (1), choose the location and source of the Blu-ray you are copying. You can choose from your hard disc (no guarantee), or a removable storage device (Blu-ray). ISO images have to be mounted with a virtual drive.

DVD-Ranger - Cross Mapping / Step2

Step 3: Analysis

DVD-Ranger will now conduct a preliminary analysis of the disc. The window will close automatically once completed.

DVD-Ranger - CinEx / Step3

Step 4: Target Selection

There are various target tabs that you can choose from, each containing preset profiles with 2 channel or 6 channel (5.1) audio (3). For our purposes in this tutorial, we have selected the “BD Player” option. As our target device, we have chosen “Video to Blu-ray” (4). We can click on the profile listing (5) to select “Blu-ray HD – 1280 HQ 6 Channel AC3 h264/4000kbps AAC/192kbps”.

DVD-Ranger - Cross Mapping / Step4

Step 5: Activate CinEx

DVD-Ranger will only remove Cinavia if your activate it. Select the type of CinEx you want to use. For high quality use “Level 1 CiNEx HD” (6) else you can selet the old CinEx.
Important: Downloaded ISO image files or MKV files do not have a valid Blu-ray ID. So you have to activate the option “Use virtual AACS folder”. This way DVD-Ranger can use a CinEx HD database to remove Cinavia.

Step 6: Start disc creation

To start the disc creation, click on the “Start” button.

Step 7: Select the target device / path

DVD-Ranger will now ask you about the target device or path (7). DVD-Ranger will save or burn the disc to the selected device / path. You can enter the disc name (9) that will appear on the burned disk. To start the the disc creation, click on “OK” (10). To cancel the whole process, click on “Cancel”.

Step 8: Cross Mapping dialog

If DVD-Ranger cannot find a database for the movie it will open the Cross-Mapping dialog.

Note: This dialog will only pop-up if no database file was found.

Step 8a: Download database list
To get the list, click on “Cross-Mapping: Get database list” (11) this will download the availale list to your computer.

Step 8b: Select the movie
Choose the same name as the loaded Blu-ray (12). If the database does not fit to the movie, DVD-Ranger will stop the process.

Step 8c: Start the copy
Click on the button “Start with selection” (13) to start the copy process.

Step 9: Create process

DVD-Ranger will not automatically start the copying process (14). To interrupt, simply click “Cancel” (16). In certain configurations, the bitrate meter (15) will be disabled.

Step 10: Burning Process

Once the copying has finished, DVD-Ranger will check the burning device that you selected to ensure that a valid, blank disc is in place. If no blank disc is detected, the program will prompt you to insert one.

Step 11: Burn and Conclusion

Once a blank disc has been detected in the proper drive, DVD-Ranger will burn the disc. Clicking “Cancel” at any time will abort the process.
At the end of the burn, two new buttons will be activated. “Save Log” (17) will allow you to burn the project’s log file to disk for future use (such as sending it to our support team if problems have occured). “New Copy” will allow you to burn another copy to a second blank disc.

You can also save the project to an ISO disk image file. As we outlined in Step 9, there may be a chance that you selected the wrong recording device. Should this be the case, simply click “Change Device” (18), select “New Copy”, and the process will start again.
To close the dialogue box, simply click “Done” (19).