Copying Full DVDs To DVD+/-R(W)

In this tutorial, we will outline the process used when calling on DVD-Ranger to copy a full DVD from your collection onto a blank (single layer, 4.36 GB or double layer, 7.2 GB) DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, or DVD+RW disc.

DVD-Ranger – Download and install the latest rendition of DVD-Ranger
Decrypter – Download and install AnyDVD HD, Passkey or LibDVDCss

Step 1: Source Disk

Insert DVD into your drive.

Step 2: Selecting the Source

Choose the location source of your DVD from the “Select your Source” (1) queue. You can choose from an ISO file, your hard disc, or a removable storage device.

Step 3: DVD Analysis

DVD-Ranger will automatically analyze the disc, and the window will close automatically upon completion. If the program will not complete the task, you can interrupt it by clicking “Cancel” (2).

DVD-Ranger - Full DVD to DVD / Step3

Step 4: Selecting the Target

It is time to select the target (3). For our uses in this tutorial, we select the recording device that will burn the disc to a blank media DVD.

DVD-Ranger - Full DVD to DVD / Step4

Step 5: Copying the Disc

Our goal is to copy a DVD to a blank media disc, so we select BD/DVD Player (5). If we would like the entire DVD contents on our new disc, select “Full Remaster”. You will now be able to select the copy size via the “size selection” queue (6). If you are using a single layer DVD (4.5 GB), select DVD 5, while those using a double layer DVD should select DVD 9 (8.2 GB).

In the Disk Name box (7) you enter the disc label that you’d like for the upcoming copy.

The Content List (8) allows you to select/unselect which content you’d like to include in your copy. Our recommendation is that you unselected unnecessary information such as movie trailers or the FBI warning, as they simply take up space and can hinder the overall quality. Further, you can limit the languages that are included on the disc also.

Note: You can double-check the source you have selected in the Status Bar (4). In this case, we have selected a DVD source.

DVD-Ranger - Full DVD to DVD / Step5

Step 6: Other Options

There are several additional options that you can choose from to further specify your copying preferences.

DVD-Ranger - Full DVD to DVD / Step6

Step 7: Begin the Copying Process

To launch the copying process, click the “Start” button (10).

DVD-Ranger - Full DVD to DVD / Step7

Step 8: Prescan and Copy

DVD-Ranger pre-scans (11) all discs before copying to calculate the best compression rates to ensure high-quality renditions. Once this is completed, the program will automatically switch to the copying process (12). To interrupt this process, simply click “Cancel” (13).

DVD-Ranger - Full DVD to DVD / Step8

Step 9: Blank Verification

Once the copying process is completed, DVD-Ranger will check the burning devices to ensure that a valid, blank DVD is in the drive. If no blank is present, the program will notify you and prompt you to insert one.

DVD-Ranger - Full DVD to DVD / Step9

Step 10: Burning to Disc

Now that the copying has concluded, DVD-Ranger will now burn the DVD to the blank disc you have inserted. You can interrupt this process at any time by simply clicking “Cancel”.

Once burning is complete, two new buttons will be activated. “Save Log” (14) will save the current burn log file to disc for future use (sometimes it is prudent to send the log to our support team). You can also select “New Copy” if you’d like to burn another copy of the DVD.

You can save the current project as an ISO disk image file. Also, as noted in Step 9, you may have selected the wrong recording device. If this happens, you can simply click “Change Device” (15), followed by “New Copy”, and burn your DVD. To close the dialogue box, click “Done” (16).

DVD-Ranger - Full DVD to DVD / Step10