Converting Video Files

This guide will show you how to use DVD-Ranger to convert an existing video file into another format.

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Step 1: Open the Source file

In the “Select your Source” queue (noted as “1” in the diagram below), select “Open Video File” from the menu options. This opens a generic file selection box. Once you have selected the source file that you’d like to convert, whether it’s on your hard drive or a local network, DVD-Ranger will open the file.

DVD-Ranger - File To Mobile / Step1

Step 2: Selecting the Target

Now that we have our source file opened via DVD-Ranger, it is time to select the target format for our conversion. There are two different ‘target tabs’ (2), which contains preset profiles. For our purposes here, we have selected the “Mobile” tab as our destination. The target device is also selected, in this case “Nokia Lumina” (3). The profile listing is clicked to select the destination device (4) – Nokia Lumina – 720 MQ h264/1000kbps AAC/128kbps.

Important Note: The status bar (5) shows you the selected source. In this case, we have chosen a video file source.

DVD-Ranger - File To Mobile / Step2

Step 3: Selecting Speed and Quality Details

The speed and quality of the conversion is determined by making your selection in the ‘Performance’ queue (6). Faster conversion speeds will result in a lower rendering quality, while slow speeds will result in a higher conversion quality. In this situation, we have selected “Balanced”.

When creating a mobile copy, you have the ability to choose one title (7), one language (8), and subtitle (9).

The onboard, internal player (10) will allow you to preview the file, which allows the user to play HD movies without any lag or stuttering. To use the full-screen view, simply double click the player.

Hint: To change the Zoom quality of the target video file, read the “Using Zoom Function” tutorial.

DVD-Ranger - File To Mobile / Step3

Step 4: Altering the Profile Configuration

Everyone’s needs are different, which is why you can alter the profiles to suite your preferences or device requirements. Click “Configure” (11) to open the “Configure Profile” queue. Once you have done so, you can make any necessary changes, and click OK (12) to complete the process. Clicking CANCEL will return any modifications you have made to their previous settings (13).

Note: Clicking SAVE (14) will save the edited profile, and the CUSTOM tab (15) allows you to access previously created profiles.

DVD-Ranger - File To Mobile / Step4

Step 5: Setting the File Name and Path

DVD-Ranger will now generate a file name and path suggestion for the converted file (16). You can alter this designation by clicking on the “…” (17) tab. Once the path and file name have been selected, you can begin the copying process by clicking the START button (18).

DVD-Ranger - File To Mobile / Step5

Step 6: Copying Process

At this point, DVD-Ranger will begin the copying and conversion of our file to a mobile format (19). To stop the process, click CANCEL (21). When using certain formats, the bit rate meter control will be disabled (20).

DVD-Ranger - File To Mobile / Step6

Step 7: Completion

Once the copy and rendering is completed, DVD-Ranger will notify you with a message.

DVD-Ranger - File To Mobile / Step7