CinEx HD Utility Commandline

This page will show you the commandline options to use with CinEx HD Utility.

CinEx HD Utility– Download and install the latest rendition of CinEx HD Utility

If you have problems to find the database index or the playlist to select, take a look to the database list. You can find there the column (a) for database index and (b) for the playlist.
CinEx HD Utility Tips
CinEx HD Utility Tips
The playlist will not fit in the whole world but it is an very good clue.


Usage Torrent with Database: cinexhd.exe -i “C:\Test\test1.avi” -o “C:\Test\test1_nocinavia.avi” -db 64 -a 0
Usage Torrent with SoundTouch 2: cinexhd.exe -i “C:\Test\test1.avi” -o “C:\Test\test1_nocinavia.avi” -db 0 -a 0 -t 1
Usage Bluray full with Database: cinexhd.exe -i “D:\BDMV\Playlist\0001.mpls” -o “C:\Test1\copy\” -db 64 -a 1

-i = input file or Blu-ray playlist
-o = output file or folder to copy Blu-ray to
-db = database index

-a = Audio track index (if empty = 0)
-f = if -f found CinEx HD will process only the m2ts from Blu-ray. Option not valid for file.
-t = use SoundTouch 2 not CinEx HD database.