Cinavia Free Video With CinEx HD Utility

This tutorial will explain how you can use CinEx HD Utility to remove Cinavia from a DVDFab created video rip or a Torrent downloaded video file (avi, mp4, mov, mkv or others).

CinEx HD Utility– Download and install the latest rendition of CinEx HD Utility

Step 1: Selecting the Source

Start CinEx HD Utility then click on the button “…” (1) and select the source video file.

CinEx HD Utility - Remove Cinavia from DVDFab video

Step 2: Target Selection

After you have selected a source video file, CinEx HD utility will make a target file suggestion. For this, CinEx HD Utiliy add a number to the source file name (2). You are free to select an own target file path/name by click on “Save To” (3).

CinEx HD Utility - Remove Cinavia from Torrent video

Step 3: Select Database

Now you have to select the CinEx HD database for your selected movie (4). Verify that SoundTouch 2 is unchecked (5).

CinEx HD Utility - Remove Cinavia from Torrent and OpenCloner video

Step 4: Start Cinavia removing

To start the copy, click on the “Start” (6) button.