Cinavia Free Blu-ray With SoundTouch 2

This tutorial will explain how you can use CinEx HD Utility SoundTouch 2 to remove Cinavia from a DVDFab, TDMore, OpenCloner or AnyDVD HD create Blu-ray ISO image, disk copy or an original Blu-ray disk.
Note: Blu-ray 3D is not supported at this moment.

CinEx HD Utility– Download and install the latest rendition of CinEx HD Utility

Step 1: Selecting the Source

Start CinEx HD Utility then click on the button “Open BD” (1) to pen the Blu-ray selection dialog.

CinEx HD Utility - Remove Cinavia from DVDFab copy

Step 2: Blu-ray Selection

Now select the the Blu-ray source. You can select a mounted ISO image, a Blu-ray copy on hard disk and a copied or original Blu-ray disk. Click on “BD Source” (2) and select the Blu-ray path where the BDMV folder is located.

CinEx HD Utility - Remove Cinavia from AnyDVD HD copy

Step 3: Copy settings

CinEx HD wil now scan the selected path and show you the available titles in the listbox (3). You will see the playlist to select. Select the playlist (example: Mpls 1) and then continue to select the language where you want to remove Cinavia from (4). Only one track is supported at this moment. You can copy the full Blu-ray with all title like menu and extras, or just the m2ts of the playlist you selected. To get just the m2ts just uncheck the option “Make full disk copy…” (5). Then click “OK”.

CinEx HD Utility - Remove Cinavia from Slysoft copy

Step 4: Target Selection

Now select the path where you want to save the Cinavia free Blu-ray copy to. Click on “Save To” (6) to select the path.
Hint: After the copy is done you can burn the copy to a Blu-ray blank, or create a ISO imge while clicking on the “Burn” button (7).

CinEx HD Utility - Remove Cinavia from Open Cloner copy

Step 5: Activate SoundTouch 2

Now you have to check if SoundTouch 2 (8) is activated (SoundTouch 2 is checked on start).

CinEx HD Utility - Remove Cinavia from Blu-ray copy

Step 6: Start Cinavia removing

To start the copy, click on the “Start” (9) button.