Activate CinEx HD

CinEx HD Utility and above comes now without any trial limitation for SoundTouch 2. But to use the high quality database files you need to purchase the full version and activate.

CinEx HD Utility– Download and install the latest rendition of CinEx HD Utility

Step 1: Start CinEx HD Utility

Start CinEx HD Utility click on “Activate”. (1).

CinEx HD Utility- Install Database

Step 2: Activate or Free Mode?

You can see at the window title (2) the status. If you can read “Activated” you have the full version. You can see your license key in the text field (3). Else please go to Step 3.

CinEx HD Utility- Download Database

Step 3: Activate

If you use CinEx HD in “Free Mode” (4) then you can activate it. Please enter the license key you got from our server in the text field (5). After this press “Activate” (6).

CinEx HD Utility- Best Quality

Step 4: Finish

Now restart CinEx HD Utility to make all changes final.