CinEx HD Utility Guides


Question: I paid with PayPal but nothing happens

Answer: Sometimes PayPal has problems to send us the sale notification (IPN) after your purchase. Only with this we can send the license key to you. So if nothing happens after your purchase, ask our support. Sometimes also the people in our support sleep some hours. So please allow us a grace time about 12 hours to answer you or solve those issues.

Question: I got a message ‘HTML Error. Please contact support’?

Answer: Make sure that your software is activated. Also make sure that CinEx HD is not blocked by a firewall and that you do NOT use any proxy service.

Question: Is it true, you can add Cinavia to every movie?

Answer: Yes, we can add Cinavia to every movie. Our CinFect, the player reset DVD, has an own audio track with Cinavia. Journalists can send us a clean video file to verify that we are able to add Cinavia.

Question: I used SoundTouch 2 but my player still show Cinavia?

Answer: The player Cinavia detector is still calibrated with the movie. You need to reset the player / Cinavia detector. Please read this:

Question: I tried your software but Cinavia is still in the copy? What is wrong?

Answer: This website is about CinEx HD Utility, not DVD-Ranger CinEx HD 6.x. So if you use DVD-Ranger CinEx HD 6.x please download our CinEx HD Utility to remove Cinavia.

Question: Is there any third party decrypter needed for original Blu-ray?

Answer: You only need a decrypter if you want to remove Cinavia out of a original Blu-ray disk. If the Blu-ray movie is already copied/ripped or downloaded, you do not need a decrypter.
For downloaded torrent video files, a decrypter is not needed, too. For more information, check our decrypter information page.

Question: Can I remove Cinavia from DVD movies?

Answer: Yes you can now remove Cinavia from DVD movies too. But the final output is a movie only DVD without menu and extras. That is the compromise which we had to accept.

Question: Can I remove Cinavia from Blu-ray 3D?

Answer: Not yet. This is currently in development. But you can read here the experience from an CinExHD user:

Question: No Master HD / True HD audio when finish?

Answer: While decoding losless audio like Master HD or True HD we keep only the core audio. After removing Cinavia we re-encode the audio to the best possible format. This is Dolby Digital with 640 kbps (Ac-3). We are working on a solution to optimize this issue.

Question: Error download the database from internet?

Answer: This message occour if you use the trial version of CinEx HD Utility. If you have purchased a license key, please activate the software. If you use a firewall, make sure that CinEx HD Utility is allowed to connect to the internet.

Question: What is SoundTouch 2?

Answer: CinEx SoundTouch 2 is the Cinavia disabling technology without the usage of a database. With SoundTouch 2 the Cinavia will get disabled but you will get some drone out effect on the audio. You can use SoundTouch 2 on movies where no database is available or other languages than english. The quality is very good in compare to earlier SoundTouch versions. Try it out.

Question: I got the message ‘The database and torrent file are too different’

Answer: If you have download the file from a torrent network, download another one. Some movies are cutted or contain an trailer of the release group.
Another issue maybe that you have downloaded a Screener, Webrip or DVD rip. Download a movie with a Blu-ray source.

Question: I got the message ‘Cannot initialize Codec’

Answer: Following formats are not supported: VOB (Single file), TrueHD Video (In MKV file) and WMV files. To remove Cinavia from VOB files you need to load the DVD disc. TrueHD is only supported in Blu-ray discs.

Please send your support request here