Steve Jobs Database Available

Today we have release the database files for the blockbusters:

  • Steve Jobs, English Track

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    I Noticed a probleme after using Cinexhd Utility on a full blu-ray.

    The fast forward not working at all… it just freeze… (Tested with many blu-ray and all the same)

    Also tested whit .iso whit powerded15 and not working properly at all…

    Can you guys fix that muxing probleme plz!

    Thanks in Advance.

    • admin

      Here in Europe, we watch the movies and do not jump wild inside the movie. Just relaxed watching…..

      ok, enough jokes. Let us know you type of player. I assume a Sony player?


    Using Nero, DVDFab.. both have same result.

    Title… i tested all the movie who used the cinexhd utility..

    Sony issue you sure? Cuz not working properly whit powerdvd15 on my pc.


    Just asked my friend he have the same probleme whit a samsung blu-ray player…

    He can’t go faster then 2X still better then me but still have probleme whit the muxer…

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