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during the last months of CinEx development we have successfully build CinDe, the first free Cinavia detection software and also CinFect, our Cinavia infector. With both tools we proved that we have successfully decoded Cinavia down to the smallest piece. We are proud to watch our competitors trying their best in copying our state of the art technology which unfortunately leads them to offer less than optimal temporary solutions which work only for a limited time or internet bandwidth killer solutions using extra large downloads.

SoundTouch 3 uses our experience completely decoding Cinavia. SoundTouch 3 will just break the Cinavia markers so that the original Cinavia detector will not be able to lock into the Cinavia signal anymore. It is a successfull combination of SoundTouch 2, CinDe and CinFect.

No need for databases or any other downloads, just pure quality with a great algorithm that is also part of our CinFect technology.

The next technology that the fox and the monkey would like to catch a glimpse of.


      SoundTouch 3 experience into SoundTouch 2 to improve the quality.

      Features at a glance:

      – Improved SoundTouch 2 (With SoundTouch 3 development experience)
      – Improved speed with DVD Cinavia remvoing
      – Better handling of exotic MKV files
      – Faster engine
      – New FoxBurner SDK 7.0 burn engine to avoid coasters

      It is still ST2


    I Just tested the new soundtouch 2 on a couple of movies… I will be honest i dont see any diffrence…. Still the wooble in the background music.


    CinEx HD Utility we have added our 1st SoundTouch 3 experience into SoundTouch 2 to improve the quality.

    Features at a glance:

    – Improved SoundTouch 2 (With SoundTouch 3 development experience)


    so there is no difference with the audio, in regards for movies with heavy music (dirty grandpa for example) its still a little faster with sound touch 3, doesnt sound like an improvement at all

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      there is much improvement but you have to differ. Music is always a synchronous wave, in compare to spoken parts that are asynchronous wave. ON a synchronous wave wave, every change on the wave you will listen. Always. It doenst’t matter if it is an high or low change of the wave. In real it was reduces about to 30% but you cannot hear it because the wave is still there. This is the technology behind SoundTouch 2, it is an change of the audio wave. SoundTouch 3 will not chane the wave itself it will manipulate a signal inside the audio wave so you will not hear any difference like in SoundTouch 2.


      Please explain how you determined a littler faster . What device or playback to capture the sync difference calibration result . just curious.


    Easy as pie – first song at the title of the movie compare them both, 1 tested with soundtouch 3, and other just regular cinavia version, the song is faster with soundtouch 3. waiting for the lab to fix dirty grandpa.


    Which one of these studio Releases for Dirty Grandpa do you have

    Canada=VVS Films
    Australia=20th Century Fox,

    At this time ST2 w/ST3 beta is the only solution


      USA ver Lionsgate Region A
      BD English track Unrated 110 min

      DVD Rated English or Spanish comes Rated only 102 min
      Only English track Cinavia affected


    I have Sony Blu-ray Player with 4k up convert. I have DVDFab Have not tried the new Sound touch 2 yet. Still have not noticed much difference in sound quality. I have a 40 inch 1080p Samsung Tv, set sound to movie while playing dvds. Latest Allegiant, music at the end played normally.If you encounter a bad rip, video and audio maybe speeded up. A lot has to do with the software used and rips. Hope this helps

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      SoundTouch 2 is a Cinavia disabler. To remove Cinavia in high quality you have to use the database files. SoundTouch 2 was done to fill the time until a database is available.


    I figured out how to remove Cinavia from 3D titles today. Basically I converted Hotel Transylvania into 2D as Cinex doesn’t support 3D titles yet. I chose no compression. Once in 2D I ran it through Cinex and removed the Cinavia. I then demuxed with TSmuxer the Dolby 5.1 track that I just used the database on and muxed back into the original m2ts, replacing a commentry track of the same codec (making sure I named it the same as the file i was replacing to be safe). I then swapped the edited m2ts with the original one in the bd structure. Finally I ran through BDRebuilder and unchecked all audio tracks except my new Cinavia free track and it works flawlessy. I don’t know if this is any help to anyone and if anybody needs me to go into more detail then I’m glad to help.


    What I would like to know is if you guys are any closer to breaking Cinavia whilst still retaining DTS audio tracks. Right now the solution is pretty cool because I never had a movie stop playing but the quality is noticeably worse on my expensive audio system. I would donate to help preserve DTS

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      Please understand, the only reason why CinEx HD Utility will produce AC3 640 Kbps (Ac3 is also an digital Dolby codec, 5.1 channels) is the fact that there is no well working free DTS HD encoder is available. FFMpeg, the engine we use, do not support the Dolby HD encoding. Also we will never get an official license from Dolby, so we can only use that what we can get on the web, like FFMpeg.

      SoundTouch 3 will not need decoding of the audio. It will inject into the DTS Master HD / True HD audio codec. So it will keep the original codec.

      The complete story to realize:

      CinEx HD was developed by two developers. The first two versions were simple audio filter much more bad than SoundTouch 2. But it was the start of a new technology. Because no star has fallen from heaven we released the first version. And what was the result? No respect. Just a shit storm.
      But we decided to work further. We developed SoundTouch 2 and while this another developer joined our team. He developed SoundTouch 2 further while we developed CinEx HD with the database files. While this, the new developer, grab our code and sold it to Slysoft and left our team.
      The amazing story went further. After Slysoft has decided to publish and sell stolen code, we gave the proof that this is exact our technology. Because we developed a software that will undo all the changes in Slysoft/CloneBD copies. So Cinavia will pop up again. But as usual, the trolls from Slysoft hinder the truth. This is so called fanism. Radical fans of a software who will never believe others.

      However. We released CinEx HD with database files. We leave the technology open so it is easy to use. But people start to use the software and database files across different movies. Like use MoneyBall database on Resident Evil. The result was that in Resident Evil was also part of the Moneyball audio. And again a shit storm begun, where everyone knows everything better than the developers themself. All people knows better than us how it works. They knew our code better than we did. Amazing, isn’t it? However, we were forced to close the technology complety and added dozen of checsum checks into the software to avoid those crazy usage. Finaly the people said that we just remux the audio. Irony on: “Yes, they also know that we developed a new audiocodec that make it possible to compress a full movie with 5.1 audio into 100 MB files”.They never were able to explain why there were two audio inside. This will not happen with a simple remux.
      However, they started to make the most crazy conspiracy theories. Finaly they said that we are fraudsters and thiefs. Because we steal the audio and just remux to the movie. They sent mails to websites to remove our software, they sent mails to our first fundings campaign to tell them that we are fraudsters. By the way, they never tested themself. It worked perfect, Cinavia was gone, but they ignored it.

      Finaly we developed CinDe. A Cinavia detector. We were asked a long time for this but we never wanted to give the competitors a analyze software. But finaly we decided to release it. Later we released CinFect a software that will add Cinavia to every movie/audio. We have asked all, also press, to send us a Cinavia free movie and we will return this movie with Cinavia inside. NEVER got one request. The press ignored it.

      Then after this, DVDFab released their solution. And what they do? They download a complete LPCM audio track from their server and remux this into the movie.
      LPCM is very big and so a lot amount of data. But the joke is, this is piracy. This is reselling stolen content like a video library. DVDFab is exactly doing what we have always been accused of. Only with DVDFab is the ok, because it is DVDFab. Next crazy fanism.

      And why all this happen? Slysoft and also DVDFab wanted to buy a license from us. We wrote that we want 1 USD, one buck, for each sale. Slysoft perfered to steal and DVDFab prefer to start their own thing with a really criminal background (resell stolen content). All this, because 1 USD was too expensive.

      All of these have created considerable problems for us, the bad mouthing, fanism, stolen code that we are still independent with just a few thousand customers. And so we are not able to develop the software further. Develop SoundTouch 3 so you will have a FULL HD audio in your Cinavia free copy. We gave the proof with CinDe, CinFect and CinEx HD Utility that we know what we do and that DVDFab and Slysoft are only blamers, parasites and will never publish any working Cinavia removing technology. You, the customers will finaly stay inside the rain without anything well working in your hand. All this because one buck was too much….

      If we learn that cooperation is worth, then we, the users, would also win. But if everyone is deceiving each other and envy and arrogance exist, then only the film industry will win in the end.


        Do I hear and “AMEN ” Well stated Admen -Lab

        So here we sit , All of us users want to see ST3 but it going to require all of us to help so . “Please go to the link at the site listed ”

        Lets kill Cinavia for good, but it will take all of us to help. spread the link tell everyone who makes a personal back up of their collection and they want to remove Cinavia.

        Here is the solution.


      If you would go back and read through , you will see a partial part of ST3 is in the last release up date , there was no downloading of ST3 but a sneak peak of its ability in the last release .

      Now if you would like to see its development go a little faster .All of us users want to see ST3 but it going to require all of us to help so . “Please go to the link at the site listed ”

      Lets kill Cinavia for good, but it will take all of us to help. spread the link tell everyone who makes a personal back up of their collection and they want to remove Cinavia.

      Here is the solution.

    • admin

      Iam sorry, the crowd funding campaign is not successful until now. I hope it will become better. SoundTouch 3 is the solution for all. Maybe the thiefs from RedFox or the monkey from China will give a budget to finaly develop SoundTouch 3 and beat Cinavia complete. But this disgusting technology sucker will wait until they can again steal or copy code. So please, stand by.

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