New CinEx HD Database Files

Today we have release the database file the blockbusters:

  • Still Alice, English Track
  • Fifty Shades of Grey – Theatrical Version , English Track

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        Fifty Shades of Grey Blu-ray United States
        Unrated Edition / Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy + Ultra Violet
        Universal Studios | 2015 | 1 Movie, 2 Cuts | 128 min | Rated R | May 08, 2015

        Which Region A-B-C and the ISBN would help Example below
        USA Unrated Ver 02192222036 BD-DVD-Digital most common distribution Unrated plus Theatrical
        All releases below are 2 disk sets and or special release sets
        4 ver being released at Walmart
        2 ver being released at Best Buy
        2 ver being released at Target
        1 ver being released at Amazon Unrated plus Theatrical with sneak peak of Fifty Shades Darker

        But if you can not wait use Sound Touch 2 If own already one of these retail releases contact the forum on how to help with this release


      Fifty Shades of Grey
      Theatrical Version is in the database

      Try the Theatrical Version on the Retail which has both the uncut and theatrical if your using a Torrent again find the Theatrical Untouched unaltered BD DTS HD Master 5.1 from another source if your having issues,

      Retail of this release with both cuts the US release is ISBN 015192222306


      They don’t do databases for dubbed audio, only for original audio stream of the movie. If English is the original audio, there won’t be a database for French or Spanish dubbed audio streams.


    Is it confirmed that the Theatrical version of fifty shades of grey track is the same as the Unrated Sound print, or will i have out of sync sound when i convert the english track , please confirm this as i have the unrated blu ray original i want to back up. ASIN: B00NCDVVLY, any news on seventh son recieved the blu ray yesterday in the mail from amazon, havent tested it yet, Ex Machina UK Blu Ray may have cinavia , just a heads up as its a universal title internationally but Lionsgate in the US.


    Hi everyone,

    I’ve removed Cinavia twice from the movie *Still Alice* and it works, but each time the sound is really bad in several scenes. It’s a disturbing background echo. At first, I though it was my player but I’ve played it in different players and even on my computer with PowerDVD blu-ray edition and the sound is exactly the same everywhere. Is anyone having the same problem ?


      To all who are posting issues, Please tell us the source of your title Retail-Rental-Torrent-Streamer-Itunes . If its a Torrent Find another source that is unaltered untouched original BD.. Plus The forum is a better place to post issues.


    OK ! So everyone knows the information , there are 3 Versions of this title
    Region A Theatrical and Unrated Difference the Unrated is 3 min 16 sec longer Has alternate ending included

    Region B has Theatrical -Unrated and in Australia UnSeen version. Unrated and UnSeen, are the same just named different “Difference in the Unrated / UnSeen is 3 min 16 sec longer Has alternate ending included”

    Region C Theatrical and Unrated Difference the Unrated is 3 min 16 sec longer Has alternate ending included

    So please give the CinEx Lab some credit on having the Theatrical DataBase done


    no update in over a month now, updates use to be regular – with the 4 new cinavia titles released, Seventh Son, Fifty Shades of Grey Unrated, Chappie, Ex Machina (UK) with Maggie coming shortly, almost 41 days without a post getting worried.

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