New CinEx HD database

Today we have release the database files for the blockbuster:

  • Black Sea (Region 2), English Track

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    Well I’m back again your worst nightmare, I’m still waiting for you to fix Insurgent but in the meantime I have another new release today, this one is
    it is a store bought BD Region 1 Blu Ray Disc.
    See what you can do, Thanks


    You will have to use SoundTouch 2 until a solution has been achieved on Insurgents and Aloha , As far as Aloha it is in the lineup behind others as we can get to the title.


    It just takes a lot of computing time to process these titles some are done easily some take a very long time. We can not say when they will be completed . Titles that are not released yet and or just released RETAIL , have to be verified by the Lab as to if the titles do or do not have Cinavia.

    But for now SoundTouch 2 can be used until then.


    Max what is the source are you using Retail – Rentals – Torrents- Streamers .

    Please understand if this was an easy task removing Cinavia ” which this is not an encryption” ALL the other vendors would have a solution . They do not !.

    It takes a HUGE AMOUNT of TIME, computing power and a Lab with a few dedicated scary software engineers that have drank WAY to many REDBULLS along with many sleepless nights to have done what has been completed to date.

    Plus remember Verance Copy Management System does not want you the home user to be able to make a back up copy of your personal Retail nor make illegal copies of Rentals Torrents or Streamers and they do alter the Cinavia Code.

    Sound Touch 2 :
    SoundTouch 2 is the successor of CinEx and SoundTouch (Beta). It is a special audio effect, which we have also published under the GPL at The filter will hide the Cinavia signal in the frequency where the Cinavia Detector works, this makes the Cinavia signal invisible.
    The quality is very good but has some wobble in sequences with music in the background. SoundTouch 2 will also work on NTSC and PAL DVD.

    We have added SoundTouch 2 to allow the users to have a solution for movies that are not part of the CinEx HD database list, Cinema Cam recordings and other languages.

    This was released to all impatient users , it’s not perfect as stated in the description of SoundTouch 2 but it is better than no quick solution at all.


      Thanks for your reply.

      Furious 7 BD zone A, Universal Studio, Infected by cinavia in all track.(English, French, Spanish)

      I know its hard to do what you do..

      But the thing is soundtouch 2 is not really working on full blu-ray but yes its work great on Mkv, mp4, avi ect…

      But whit a full Blu-ray there a gap between de sound track and the video.

      You you know what i mean?


    What would be helpful to us end users would be some indication that the engineers in the lab are at work and maybe what they are working on. To have no updates for 16 days to the database and no communication from DVDRanger leaves a gap that we interpret as being abandoned. Just a suggestion, but any type of regular update or clue what the lab is actively working on would be very helpful.

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