New Cinavia database files

Today we have release the database files some new blockbusters . Some people reported problems with “Get On Up” updated database file. We think this is an cloud problem. We have now added a new installer to the cloud with a different name. So please re-download this database file. Please also check the checksum.

  • Get On Up (Update), English Track (Checksum: 5063529db6f0b699d9eb59ce07d40a19)
  • Playing For Keeps, English Track
  • The Remaining, English Track
  • Ouija, English Track

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    Try a Retail original source on Get On Up
    The Interview
    Blu-ray United States
    Freedom Edition
    Sony Pictures | 2014 | 112 min | Rated R | Feb 17, 2015 (1 Week)

    As soon as it is released we will take a look


    Just downloaded the get on up database again sorry to inform you but the checksum doesn’t match what you have listed so it is still wrong I hope you can correct this soon it would be nice.
    Also would like you to do a database for
    Dracula Untold
    to remove the cinavia
    if you would please.


        Thank You Devon Yes I have the new file installed also bought some RW Blu Rays tired of wasting my disc’s. The rewritables will be in tomorrow I will wait and try it then. It seems a lot of people are still having trouble. My problem was it came up after 20 minutes then it came up after about an hour then it came up after about 2 hours.


      Answer: CinEx Soundtouch (Beta) is an earlier release of a new method to eliminate Cinavia from movies for which no database is available yet. It is no permanent removal technology as CinEx HD. CinEx Soundtouch was developed for so called screener. So people can watch brand new movies without the annoying Cinavia message.

      Try this with Rental -Streamers if using , Make sure your source hasnt been altered already


    DVDRanger has 3 versions of there software
    1. the original Flagship DVDRanger
    2. the first Cinavia removing software DVDRanger CinEx HD
    3. The Newest software for those who that use other vendors software to burn torrents , streamers and rentals Here it comes First hint, is called ” what”
    Second hint look at the DVDRanger Home page look at the header tabs next to HOME ” IS WHAT?”
    The answer is not case sensitve

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