Mechanic: Resurrection (DVD) Database Available

Today we have released the database files for the blockbuster:

  • Mechanic: Resurrection (DVD), English Track

DVD Note:
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  1. Walris

    Thanks for the database; unfortunately, there appears to be another retail version of this DVD out there that is causing a database mismatch. An audiocopy of that version has been sent.

  2. Walris

    Have now just found the second RETAIL DVD release of this title that the current DVD database doesn’t match. Looks like Summit/Lionsgate is starting to mix it up on DVD releases, not just Blu-ray.

    • admin

      You are sure that this is a different release? Lionsgate use Screen Pass and so you just have to found out the right title set. Same like Blu-ray.
      I do not believe that a company can really release two different cuts. First it is not legal and second it is too expensive.

  3. Walris

    It is definitely a different release. The correct title set on this retail release is Title Set 1. There are a couple of other dummy sets, but both Fab and Redfox now know to point at the correct set. It is a mismatch, and I have passed along the audiocopy of the the affected title, so please take a look.

    I have dealt with screen pass many times, and while this release does have it, it doesn’t appear that CinEx is being pointed to the wrong title and that is what is causing the mismatch.

    Thanks for looking.

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