La La Land (Update) Database Available

Today we have released a second database file for the blockbuster:

  • La La Land(BD), English Track

This is a second BETA database with a better source and optimzed Cinavia removal. People who run into problems with the the first database may have to try this. You can download this database files only out of the software, not out of the member area.
Blu-ray Title: 620

Please follow this guides:
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Install database files

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    Ok guys Ive had a couple trying to do the old Cross mapping from the old CinEx days , use what the Lab has chosen Please .

    I would like to thank all of the Title Testers who help chasing down all of the Region A an B titles so the Lab can focus on removal.of Cinavia

  2. Walris

    To clarify the above, in case other users don’t understand what DVDRangerForum is talking about above, I tried to use the latest La La Land BD database release for playlist 620 on my retail BD with playlist 338. That is called “cross mapping.”

    In this case, I can confirm that the new database (playlist 620) doesn’t remove Cinavia without distorting the audio on those BD releases that are playlist 338.

    I know that Admin has Region A BD (338) and DVD (71), and is working on it.

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