La La Land Database Available

Today we have released the database files for the blockbuster:

  • La La Land(DVD), English Track
  • La La Land(BD), English Track

This are BETA database files to try out. You can download this database files only out of the software, not out of the member area.
DVD Title: 71
Blu-ray Title: 338

Please follow this guides:
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Install database files

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  1. Walris

    Bad news. Neither BD nor DVD database removes properly. DVD causes audio to be out of sync with Cinavia echos for a good portion of the first hour of the movie, then improves. The BD audio is much better in sync but has whispers and echos throughout. Sorry for the bad news. I know this is a tough title.

      • Walris

        More than happy to help, Admin. I have tried with both ISO of retail DVD and BD, and the retail DVD and BD. Used RedFox as decrypter. It found the appropriate titleset (71 on DVD) and playlist (338 on BD). Audio is definitely out of sync, even from the opening scene. Have Sync’d the DVD fail files, but also willing to provide more. Just let me know. Thanks!

          • Walris

            UPDATE: With some guidance from Admin (on another title, John Wick 2), I have now successfully used the La La Land DVD database on my retail DVD! The key is NOT to follow the tutorial guide, which tells the user to use the source DVD/BD in CinDe Source dialog box; rather, I used DvdFAB to create a movie-only iso and then mounted THAT as the source. Once I applied the CinEx HD La La Land DVD database to the movie-only Cinavia infected iso that I had created, it synced up and created PERFECT audio output.

            Prior to this, going straight of either a full disc protected iso OR the retail DVD itself, it still synced up, but I got echos and whispers and all kinds of other stuff. As Admin had indicated, Screenpass obfuscation of the correct playlist was causing the database to be applied to an incorrect iso, so while it looked like it was syncing up, it wasn’t doing it exactly right, hence all of the artifact sounds (whispers, echos, etc).

            I am going to try this technique on a couple of other titles that some users have had issues with to see how it works, e.g., John Wick 2 BD (playlist 440), 50 Shades Darker (Extended) BD, and will post my results back under those titles in the blog.

            Special thanks to Admin for insisting that users should be creating movie only iso’s.

            It may help to update the Tutorial/Help guides to inform users to try this approach, especially with the harder titles. I suspect that both Passkey and AnyDVDHD are trying to decrypt on the fly as CinEx HD is applying the database to the image, and it just doesn’t work well with on-the-fly decryption…

          • Walris

            UPDATE 2: Using the same method I mention below (thanks to the Admin), I can now confirm that my previous experience with echos and whispers was indeed related to trying to use AnyDVDHD to decrypt my retail La La Land BD on-the-fly, using the BD as the source in CinEx. When I again took the steps I mention below (create a movie-only ISO with DVDFab of playlist 338 – the correct playlist for my version, mount that ISO, point CinEx HD to that image, and then use the CinEx HD La La Land (beta 1, playlist 338) database), I get a perfect Cinavia-free backup!

            Again, fellow users, the key is to create the movie-only backup first using decryption software (Passkey, DVDFab, AnyDVDHD) that can find and remove Screenpass for your version of your movie PROPERLY. Do not try – as I did – to just let the decryption software run in the background as you are using CinEx HD to remove Cinavia. For Screenpass, this just doesn’t seem to work correctly.

            Again, Admin pointed this out in response to a few of my posts, but I figured because I was following the tutorial, there wouldn’t be a difference in these 2 approaches. Trust me, there is. It is the difference between bad audio and perfect CinEx HD-enabled Cinavia-free audio for your backup.

            Hopefully my testing (and confirmation that it works) will help others try this before posting that there is a “bad” database.


    LOL like it says

    This is BETA database files to try out. You can download this database files only out of the software, not out of the member area.
    DVD Title: 71
    Blu-ray Title: 338

    We have more Ratails we are working on

  3. RumbleFish

    I know that this database version is still a Beta and not official, but I can confirm that it doesn’t sync correctly with the regular US retail version that I own (barcode on back reads 031398258384), where the main title is playlist 620. Does CineXhd already have the audio for that version in the lab?


    They are working on this , please remember its a Lionsgate title , It was released 2 Regions 7 countries and 3 versions of release .

    Please be patient , If you would like to assist on this come chat with me in the Forum ” LOL” bring your BD/DVD with you!

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