How To Deal With Lionsgate Movies

Lionsgate use Screenpass Content Manipulation.
Screenpass has up to 1000 (or more) virtual playlists to make it hard to find the main movie on Blu-ray
All virtual playlists are fake playlists with cutted, looped or fake segments.

Copy software products like DVDFab or AnyDVD most time select the wrong playlist.
Lionsgate release one movie a couple of time. The movie is the same, but the Screenpass content is different.

If you download a ISO or video rip before the Blu-ray was released, you may get a version with a wrong playlist.

Figure out the real playlist:
1.) Start Procmon.exe/Procmon64.exe (Download at
2.) Set Filter “Path” to “Contains” to “mpls” and set to “Include”

3.) Start PowerDVD 12-16
4.) Step forward to main menu
5.) Start the movie and while playing main movie check Procmon.exe/Procmon64.exe window abbout the playlist