Help, my movie still has Cinavia after SoundTouch 2

An often reported problem with Cinavia and SoundTouch 2 is that after using SoundTouch 2, Cinavia is still displayed. We have analysed this problem with many customers.

The result:
If you watch a movie in your player, regardless of whether it is DVD, Blu-ray or from a file and Cinavia is still displayed, then the Cinavia detector of your player is calibrated.

SoundTouch 2 does not remove Cinavia, it prevents that Cinavia gets detected and that the detector of the player is able to calibrate itself.
However, if the detector is calibrated, then it is also able to detect Cinavia in a SoundTouch 2 file.

Put a copy of another movie into your player, till it also displays Cinavia. After that, you can also watch the movie edited with SoundTouch 2.

Best solution


CinFect is a DVD ISO image where we have added (infected) an common audio stream with Cinavia.
Burn this ISO image to a DVD blank and play it to reset the Cinavia detector in your DVD/Blu-ray player.

Download ISO image 300 MB

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