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  • Hacksaw Ridge (DVD), English Track

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  1. Walris

    One question for the Admin, before I sing the usual praises of your fast, excellent work… When listening to the lead in to the movie, specifically the Summit/Lionsgate intro (@ 0-17s) and then the following Cross Creek splash screen (@ 18-36 seconds), the sound is strage, as is the volume modulation. As the Demarest title screen rolls in at 39 seconds and then the movie immediately begins, the sound is fine. A quick check of various chapters throughout the movie reveals clean sound as well. I just wanted to make sure that just because the intro BEFORE the movie begins is not correct doesn’t mean that the sound WITHIN the movie will have issues.

    I think that I have seen this a couple of times before when the intro sound is weird, and I thought you said that sometimes you don’t waste the time disinfecting that part of the sound before the movie, but I just wanted to double check. As far as I can tell, the movie sound itself is the usual excellent job.

    Thanks, as usual!

  2. lfogassy@charter.net

    Is this true that some intro sounds are not fixed? Why not? Starting to view a movie with strange intro sounds would sort of ruin the viewing experience for me. I did have a wierd experience with Huntsman (BD). Using the database, not only was the intro sound wierd (echo), but about the first 5 minutes of the movie had a very noticeable strange echo effect. It seemed to diminish as the movie progressed but never completely disappeared. I ran it through Soundtouch2 and it sounded fine (better than the database). Also recently, I ran Apollo 13 BD US (20th Anniversary version released in 2015) through CinEx and it detected Cinavia. There was no database file, so I ran it through Soundtouch2. It had a very noticeable echo effect througout the whole movie. I reburned the movie, leaving the audio untouched this time, and I played it to the very end. It not only sounded fine, but no cinavia warning popped up at all on my Sony BD player, so CinEx and CinDe both detected ciinavia in error, but why would Soundtouch introduce the echo effect? Does running a movie through Soundtouch2 that does not in fact have cinavia produce this result? On Deepwater Horizon, there was no BD database, so I tried the Torrent file and got mismatch errors. But it DID work with the DVD database, even though it was a BD (US) copy. Overall, I have had positive results with CinEx, but the occasional issues mentioned above and having to experiment around to get a decent audio copy be annoying.

    • admin

      The problem with the intros is, that the sound is too smooth/silent and so the remove and restore functions do not work well.

      To your other points:
      CinDe. This software works with Algorythmen. It is normal that such software detects false positives. Known by AntiVirus software.
      So what is your problem? You already discussed this with our support. We gave the same answer.
      Furthermore, CinDe is in version 0.9x. So it is not yet an official release and free of charge.

      I think your post is quite offensive.

      • lfogassy@charter.net

        I am sorry you found the post offensive. That was surely not my intent. I would think you would like user feedback based on their own experience, not someone who posts what they think you want to hear. I was simply trying to be honest with my experience. As I stated, I have overall had some positive results. As far as me asking questions that I had asked you in a PM on facebook, only one of my questions was a repeat and I didn’t really get a thorough understanding of the answer so I thought other users could perhaps enlighten me. Sometime user to user correspondence works better (as is the case with Walris’ reply below). I know this is a blog and not a forum but I was trying to seek answers and sorry if I offended. I will not post anymore remarks nor give any feedback here, positive or otherwise, out of fear and risk of being misunderastood and offending. I know Soundtouch2 is only beta. I only started backing up BDs since December, 2016 so I have not been at this very long. I did as much research as I could find on the net to try to better understand the whole cinavia process and am still learning. Sorry again to offend.

    • Walris

      Hi ifogassy, to be clear, the sounds that I was speaking of are BEFORE the movie ever starts. Once the movie starts, the sound is fine. Using the database, I have never had any issues with IN-MOVIE sound. There have been a couple of other titles where the intro sound BEFORE the movie ever starts have been strange. I think Gods of Egypt may have been one and Sicario may have been another.

      As to your other questions, the database is always perfect compared to Soundtouch 2. The Admin works very hard to ensure that the database is perfect before releasing each movie-specific database. When a database is released, it actually REMOVES the Cinavia from the sound, which is totally different than other solutions out there, specifically CloneBD, which uses an algorithm that speeds up and slows down/introduces warble into the sound to fool the DVD/BD player into not detecting Cinavia. Soundtouch 2 works similarly (although better than CloneBD) and is not perfect. It, too, manipulates the sound non-specifically to fool the player into not detecting the Cinavia. That is why the company always advises to use ST2 until they have the perfect database available, because it works imperfectly (but it does work) to at least allow you to watch the movie without the Cinavia error. Because ST2 is manipulating sound, I would imagine that when put against sound that is not infected by Cinavia, it will actually distort it, because it is introducing things into the audio track designed to counter Cinavia; if Cinavia isn’t there in the first place, the sound will be affected.

      False positives do happen and the Admin will usually call these out. Deadrising Endgame Blu-ray is an example of that. Testers, when they find Cinavia detected with CinDe or CinEx, will inform the company who then works to analyze the audio to see if Cinavia is really there or not. Just like any virus-detection software, CinEx and CinDe aren’t perfect and will detect false positives. If you go the the DVD Ranger forum, look in the Testers section, and you can see the work being done and when false positives are detected.

      They are also working on Soundtouch 3 (check out the GoFundMe campaign), which will be the solution for all Cinavia-infected titles, rendering no need for databases specific to each infected title going forward. I have donated and you should, too. There is no better software solution out there for Cinavia-infected titles than CinEx HD, so I am glad that you acknowledge positive results. Take care!

      • lfogassy@charter.net

        Thank you Walris. Your explanation of using SoundTouch2 on a non-infected audio makes sense and is what I suspected. Thank you for taking the time to provide your reply. I should refrain from postong on this blog, at least for now, so I don’t sound like an idiot.


        • DVDRangerForum@gmail.com

          Come by the forum and take a look at what the testers find and what reporting is being done . We have a chat Lounge that allows you tell us what you are experiencing. I then Chat with the Lab show them what is going on and we progress to solve the issues .

          So do not be shy , come on by .

          • smurfysmurf200269@yahoo.com

            dvdrangerform. I signed up but I never received the email to verify if you can see my email if you could look in the database and see if I mistyped it. I even looked in my spam folder but nothing was there

          • DVDRangerForum@gmail.com

            You were activated Mar 7 2017

            I .say Yahoo blocked your activation email , I personally activate each Forum member after Black list scan and dual registration check . But you are activated and registered in the forum.

            User Name crazyace2017

            Display Name crazyace2017

            Same email as above

    • DVDRangerForum@gmail.com

      No ! Its real simple as stated below

      DVD database is for DVD
      BD database is for BD
      Latin Database DVD is for DVD
      Latin Database BD is for BD

      If there is no Database as of yet or extreme issue with a title which there is no Database
      USE ST2

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