Fast And Furious 2, Pitch Perfect 2 and Insurgent

Today we have release the database files for the blockbusters:

  • Insurgent, NTSC DVD !!!, English Track
  • Fast And Furious 7, NTSC DVD, English Track
  • Pitch Perfect 2, NTSC DVD, English Track
  • Fast And Furious 7, English Track
  • Fast And Furious 7 Extended, English Track
  • Pitch Perfect 2, English Track

DVD database files you can only download with CinEx HD Utility. Please check following guides:
Show DVD Database list
Install Database Files

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    Is there some sore of trick to get this to work? I have downloaded/installed the data base for Furious 7 and still getting the black audio box after 20 min. I am using AnyDVD HD decoder (current version). Tried the trial versions and no data bases came with it so I spent the $40.00 bucks and still can’t get this to work. Have I been ripped off?

    • I think more that you ripped yourself 😉
      I assume that you removed Cinavia from Theatre version and watched to Extended version or you removed from Extended and watched Theatre version. Or you used the Theatre Database on Extended version.
      So consider: Common version is Title 800 and Extended is Title 801.

      Note: That all have to be done with CinEx HD Utility.


        I have downloaded both databases for Furious 7 from the start. I just downloaded the CinEx HD Utility and will try that. If I just need the utility why do I need the DVD-Ranger CinEx HD?

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