Expected Cinavia Mutilation Improvements in Decrypting & BD Cloning Software

Until now, we just reported about our code being copied by the decrypting and BD cloning software solution, but we did not report on the improvements we researched in the past before abandoning this old technology. This SoundTouch solution which has been stolen from us also contained a big set of optional possibilities and improvements so it is possible to release them on a step by step basis as different solutions intended to serve the expected update-fight with Verance.

In order to demonstrate to you once again that we are the owner and that the technology was just stolen, we will show you what the decrypting and BD cloning software company will release next, after Verance has updated their detector. For all the solutions which we will describe here, we also have a suitable revealer available and therefore you should not consider them final but just temporary solutions.

The most important part in getting a less vulnerable time warp is to recognize that a periodic wobbling can be easily undone due to its lack of complexity. A much safer version is to somehow break the rigid periodicity and make the wobbler vary in frequency and amplitude which introduces some complexity. If this variance is not made predictable but random, then the complexity is maximized for that technology. Introducing variation is quite simple and it can be verified that it is safer than just a simple wobbling by passing it through the classic revealer which won’t reveal anything. In order to demonstrate this technology improvement we made the tool called wobbler2 available for download from our website.

Apropos revealer, another fine proof that our code has been stolen and has been used quite unchanged (we thank our forum member for that idea): only a small change in some of the wobbler parameters will make the revealer unusable but it will still successfully mutilate the Cinavia signal. As you see, there are quite many possible parameter values which will lead to the same audio quality, so it is very improbable that the BD cloning software uses the same parameter set only by chance. Everyone can verify this by himself with the updated wobbler tool from our website which has settable parameters. Disclaimer: the parameters are not bounded and also aren’t sanity-checked therefore settings are possible which do not successfully mutilate the Cinavia signal.

Because the core technology has been recklessly stolen we have decided to publish all those old solutions under the GPL and have thus uploaded all the mentioned tools at Sourceforge.

We point out that even Verance can now analyze the code. Thus Verance is the winner of the stolen technology. Not we or the decrypting and BD cloning company, no competitor or end user.
Give a big “Thank you” to the decrypting and BD cloning software company.

Open source project page: https://sourceforge.net/projects/cinexalternative/

  1. ayumifan007@gmail.com

    Well, like every software. Any software has bugs that need to be fixed and improve. So it is logic that they will improve their software. That is not a proof.

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