Exclusive license sold. New enterprise customer.

We have sold, effective today, an exclusive license of our CinDE, CinFect and CineX HD technology.

Therefore, we emit no more partnerships or licenses in future. Therefore, the sites “Affiliates” and “CinEx SDK” were removed.

This of course does not affect our own products. Products or special licenses from other companies are therefore no longer valid.

  1. hpth2010@hotmail.co.uk

    does this mean there will be no more databases for movies as they seem a bit behind on the database at the moment nothing new since Ghostbusters or bad neighbours 2

    • admin

      1.) We have not sold the software or technology we sold an exclusive license. This means the technology owner can buy this kind of license to improve their product, or a competitor can purchase and use it in their own software or someone can rebrand the software and sell under his name. In all cases this will not have any effect to CinEx HD.
      2.) We are not behind anything. There are just 2 movies on the list, Nerve and Sausage Party. Both movies are not released so why we are behind?

  2. hpth2010@hotmail.co.uk

    yes sorry I had noticed the 2 newer ones will there be one for central intelligence coming that would be great if there could be one, wasn’t having a pop just didn’t understand the licence thing very well that’s all
    thanks for the heads up anyway

  3. hpth2010@hotmail.co.uk

    this is the central intelligence I have that contains cinavia using your cinde software I have had about 3 different copis of it and everyone contains it please delete if this is not allowed here or after you have checked it


  4. DVDRangerForum@gmail.com

    I just reran the RETAIL BD
    isbn 8392955888
    sub box code 30000706627 located below isbn

    Title set 100 theatrical 107 min clean
    Title set 99 unrated 116 min clean

    What is the Source & Region if its a Retail what is the isbn

    Sony released this title though Warner Bro / Universal / Sony 12 countries in 12 studios in 3 regions in which some countries it hasnt been released

    Which one do you have

    a good web site to check who what where and when
    http://blu-ray.com select all countries have fun

  5. hpth2010@hotmail.co.uk

    I have managed to find a cinavia free version now but the cinde have is

    Free Download CinDe for Windows
    Now with easy to use shell extension.
    CinDe is a free software for Cinavia detection
    [Build: 0.95; Date: June, 24, 2016]
    Download CinDe 6,5

    ive never known of a updated one than this

  6. hpth2010@hotmail.co.uk

    I redownloaded the cinded again and there must have been an update inside it as now it shows no cinavia on the release
    thanks for all your help it was just a bit misleading as I was unaware there was an update as it still dates it as the first date but all good now cheers , was really weird how they were all showing as cinavia in the previous cinde

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