You have come to this website information, because you have probably tried to copy a protected original Blu-ray. CineX HD Utility is designed to remove Cinavia from copies of other software products . This includes also Torrent downloads.
Of course CineX HD Utility can also make original Blu-ray discs Cinavia free, but a decrypter is necessary. Below are the most popular decrypter products listed, ordered by our recommendation.

1 RedFox AnyDVD HD
AnyDVD HD is the most popular decrypter. AnyDVD HD is updated fastest and works very fast in the background. No temporary rips are necessary, you can directly make a Cinavia free copy from the original Blu-ray. The disadvantage is the high price. But it’s worth it.
>> Get RedFox AnyDVD HD trial here <<

2 Passkey
The alternative to AnyDVD HD. Unfortunately Passkey is not updated as often as AnyDVD HD but Passkey is cheaper than AnyDVD HD.
Please note the Passkey not been tested by ourselves, but it was recommended by our customers.
>> More infromation and download <<

3 Wookao
The free decrypter. We ourselves have tested these decrypter only once successfully. In various forums, we read that this decrypter is not always up to date. Problems were reported, too, so we can only list this decrypter, you yourself must decide whether you want to use this. >> More information and download << (Discontinued)

There are a variety of other decrypter which you may like to use.