CinEx HD’s superiority unintentionally confirmed by recent leaks from Sony

In their 2014 report, the Blu-ray Disc Association states that “DVD-Ranger released a new Cinavia removal module that replaced marked audio streams with unmarked streams. Analysis is currently under way by Verance”.

So, they are analyzing our module since 2014 and they have not found any solution yet? Well that’s because there is no solution. We remove Cinavia completely and this cannot be countered in any way.

As for the technical details, without giving away too much information, we can say that we do not replace the audio but just remove the Cinavia signal. Surely this looks like we would replace the audio as one cannot distinguish the results from removing the Cinavia signal on the one hand and replacing the audio as a whole on the other hand. But actually there is an audio effect which is still left because it is not necessary to remove: the wobbling introduced by Verance in order to prevent hacking of their Cinavia signal. If we would replace the audio with a clean source, this wobbling would also disappear but as we are only removing the signal it remains intact. The effect is barely audible thus hearing the wobbling out of the audio processed by CinEx HD can only be done by persons having a well-trained ear for harmony.

Due to the immense computational demand implied by our method we have to precompute the Cinavia signal in our own laboratory and then pack it into a database which is then used by CinEx HD on the client side to remove it from the source. The removal procedure has been designed to be highly qualitative, unlike our first non-HD attempts.

We must also stress at this point that there is no point in having a DTS Master HD or TrueHD compression if the audio is marked with a Cinavia signal. Those compression schemes are lossless, that’s true, but lossless compared to what exactly? Compared to the original master they are actually not lossless because they have an overlaid the Cinavia signal which counts as an synthetic audio artifact. So even though the HD audio codecs are lossless by their nature, it’s the Cinavia signal which makes them non-lossless compared to the non-marked original master. Now even as we are removing the Cinavia signal with CinEx HD the quality while being exceptionally high, it will still not be lossless compared to the original master because the process of introducing Cinavia destroys the original signal without it being fully recoverable up to losslessness. This means that once the original is Cinavia protected, every lossless codec becomes pointless, even the one available on the original Blu-Ray.

    • The report? If you are soo clever, find it bunny. Isn’t so difficult as you expect. A hint, ask Dr. Google.
      Also your comment “Proof without proof is not proof” sounds a little bit befuddled. Are you having problems to read or to understand complex code?
      If so, we have also a video done. All this is a proof with a proof, so a proof.

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