CinEx HD Utility available

Today we have released the CinEx HD Utility With this update contain an important fix for DVD database usage.

  • Fixed issue when CinEx HD Utility crash while using database files with DVD.
  • Added option to create Double Layer DVD copies Cinavia free.

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    Hi there, I am using CinEx HD Utility for the first time in windows 8.1. The application installed ok, but when I want to download the full list database; nothing happens. I have tried restarting both application and computer; but is not working. I have the application installed in other computer with windows 7 but the version is; and is working fantastic. So how may I do with this issue?

  2. RumbleFish

    This Thanksgiving, as I think about all of the things I am thankful for, I just wanted to give a big thank-you to the staff of DVD Ranger / CineXHD. I am so glad that someone actually cared enough about this destructive BS Verance technology to put in the effort to defeat it. I remember how frustrating it was a couple years ago, knowing that I could only backup about 80-90% of my blu-ray collection, and now that Cinavia can be removed, I can store backups for almost all the ones that I really care about. Thanks for the hard work, please know that it is appreciated!!

    On another note, anyone know if a database for American Ultra is in the works? I know that it is a Lionsgate title, and they seem to be the worst. We never got a database for the Insurgent blu-ray, so I’m wondering if this is a more advanced type of cinavia that can’t yet be cracked.

    • admin

      The Cinavia Lionsgate keys we already have, this is not the problem. We are looking for a solution that we have with Lionsgate movies but we cannot give any hope at the moment.
      The only thing we can say is use SoundTouch 2 and finaly wait for SoundTouch 3. with SoundTouch 3 you will keep DTS Master HD and True HD audio while Cinavia is disabled. No audio effect.

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