CinEx HD Utility available

Today we have released the CinEx HD Utility This is an important update!

  • Added new code for latest database files.
  • Beta algorithm for Lionsgate.
  • Optimized database list control.
  • Improved commandline. Read more.

Hint: Some people ask us why they have to scroll through the database list to find a movie. This is now history. Click in the list and write the movie name with your keybord. The database list control will find the movie now for you with your virtual input.

Download Now!


    Really nice update!! I’m happy to see you guys working hard again Lionsgate!

    I have a question!

    If i use the data base furious 7 extended and If i watch the movie theatrical… cinavia popup is possible or not?

    • This is basing on the mastering of the Blu-ray. A Blu-ray can have single audio tracks for a playlist or linked content. Linked content means that it use the same audio track for common and extended. We can only say you have to test.
      If it pops up, then it do have single audio tracks for each playlist.


    The audio for these two are different in length ” THUS EXTENDED” they are different.

    If i use the data base furious 7 extended and If i watch the movie theatrical… cinavia popup is possible or not?


    Very vague explanation !
    Are you using CinEx HD with the Database ?
    CinEx HD with SoundTouch2?
    What was the source software you made the Clean unaltered copy with?
    What was the source. media a Retail -Rental – Streamer – Torrent ?
    .If it was a torrent was it an unaltered EN DTS Master 5.1 BD copy Retail ?


    SoundTouch 2 The filter will hide the Cinavia signal in the frequency where the Cinavia Detector works, this makes the Cinavia signal invisible.

    The quality is very good but has some “WOBBLE” in sequences with music in the background.
    SoundTouch 2 will also work on NTSC and PAL DVD.

    We have added SoundTouch 2 to allow the users to have a solution for movies that are not part of the CinEx HD database list, Cinema Cam recordings and other languages.

    This is SoundTouch 2’s sole function

    I myself run a 9.2 Denon AVR-X7200WA home entertainment system , yes I know the average human doesn’t own one of these, but with 1 huge Center ,2 Subs, 4 top left and right back left right , 4 front left right top and bottom , 2 side surround sound and 2 lower rears left right, with the ability to set up room 2 wireless . I play my copied BD’s on a OPPO 105D , now my point is unless you have a system like mine which when there is no DATABASE on a certain title there is and will be a WOBBLE with SoundTouch2, BUT with CinEx HD Utility and using the DataBase title correctly ” hey I’m sorry to say they play to my liking” I also store my backups on 48TB of 7200 spin Digital Seagate HDD’s . which also play fine. Everything is set to upscale to even True HD – and my OPPO is set to upscale to 4K. .

    So please , we know SoundTouch 2 isn’t perfect but CinEx HD Utility backups play on my systems great if they didn’t my wife of 46 yrs would start preaching ..


    Yes after testing the data base and soundtouch 2 on FF7 Extended cut, you can’t watch the theatrical cut cuz the sound cut! So you have to use the data base and soundtouch 2 on both mpls!

    THanks for the info but i had to test it 🙂

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