CinEx HD Utility available

Today we have released the CinEx HD Utility This update contain the new SoundTouch 2, the optimized successor of the Technology that was stolen from us.

  • Added SoundTouch 2, the Cinavia disabler (no database needed).
  • Optimized database handling for new movies and Cinavia types.
  • Fixed decoder for unknown packet type / codec.

Please check the following guides:
CinEx HD Utility – Cinavia Free Blu-ray With SoundTouch 2
CinEx HD Utility – Cinavia Free Video With SoundTouch 2

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    Hey guys, I’m sorry to tell you that but sound touch 2 is not good at all….

    First there a bug when you use it on many moovie… make lag in the soundtrack…

    Second I used sound touch 2 on Fifty shade of Grey French track.. this programme make distortion in the song of the moovie but not in the dialog…


    For the source not in database The original bluray of the hunger games mockingjay part 1 BD zone A U.S.
    There a lag in every soundtrack when using sound touch 2.

    Also for the probleme of distortion whit fifty shades of grey i use the full Bluray BD zone A U.S


      What is the source Retail – Rental -Torrent – Streamer – Itunes , It is always best to use a Retail for best quality.

      SoundTouch 2 is the successor of CinEx and SoundTouch (Beta). It is a special audio effect, which we have also published under the GPL at The filter will hide the Cinavia signal in the frequency where the Cinavia Detector works, this makes the Cinavia signal invisible.
      The quality is very good but has some wobble in sequences with music in the background.

      We have added SoundTouch 2 to allow the users to have a solution for movies that are not part of the CinEx HD database list, Cinema Cam recordings and other languages.


    I understand but for semone like me.. i watch movie in my first language…

    there no database for french track.

    So you tell me this program is not for me?


    Thank you for this program. It worked successfully with my first movie.

    My request is possible that you add a “Queue” function to your program so that I may process several movies at a time and leave it running overnight or while I watch a movie.


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