CinEx HD available

Information: All downloads are now again digital signed and so no warning messages will be thrown.

Today we have released CinEx HD Utility This update contain some improvements requested by our customers.

  • Added popup menu to database list.

The new popup menu will allow you you manage the CinEx HD database files better. It is also our first step to the direct download method.
With the new popup menu you can now uninstall/delete unused database files. You can also change the list order, to show only installed database files.
With the full database list view you can also select and run the CinEx HD database installer files out of the software.

New CinEx HD Utility Screenshot


    How do we tell what version we are currently running and how do we download this newer version I currently don’t have these features on my paid version of CinEx HD.


    Can you provide the cinivia database for the equalizer? It would also be nice to have a section for members to report new movies that we encounter cinivia on. Thanks

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