CinDe – Shell Extension

It is done. Today we have released our first Cinavia detection software.
You can check all type of media for Cinavia watermark.


Now installer with easy to use shell extension. See video:


    When I click on the link to download this new Cin-De Shell Extension in the message sent to me in my support forum inbox it states an error message and doesn’t send me to any area to download it.


    I try the new utility with Irrational Man, and i watch the movie in spanish and not have cinavia in this stream, the software anyway give cinavia detected in all the streams, the same with Hotel Transylvania 2, maybe something to fix? I hope, not all people only want to know if english stream have cinavia. 🙂

    I hope can make something about… Thanks anyway good way to aboid to make crap copies 🙂


    If you would come by the forum I will take a look by remote to see what the issue is. BTW turn off All antivirus Malware detection and try again but come by the Forum and I will take a look.

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