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Today we have release the database files for the blockbuster “Fury”. Because Cinavia was changed in it’s structure, “Get On Up” database failed to remove Cinavia from the movie. We have update now our Cinavia Labs remover and updated the “Get On Up” database. New database files are done now with the new Cinavia version.

  • Get On Up (Update), English Track
  • Fury, English Track

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    Two questions.
    1) Why won’t the subtitles display when using CinEx HD to remove Cinavia? When I use BD/DVD Player tab it won’t allow me to cross map and transcode to add the file from CinEX for the movie Fury, so when I burn this way it still haves the Ciniavia mark.
    When I use the TV/BD/DVD Player tab it will allow me to use CinEX and cross map and transcode which will remove the Cinavia mark , but it also doesn’t allow subtitles to be used. I can’t get the English subtitles to display when they are speaking German in this movie after using CinEX HD. Could you explain to me what I’m doing wrong ?
    2) What is the answer to the question to be able to register to the forum,” What is the name of our newest software”? I’ve tried everything possible and it won’t accept my answer. I’d be going to that site for answers if I could get my registration form completed. That question is the only thing keeping from completing the proper registration. Thank you for your assistance on this matter. You folks are doing a excellent job and I’m a very happy customer.


    DVDRanger has 3 versions of there software
    1. the original Flagship DVDRanger
    2. the first Cinavia removing software DVDRanger CinEx HD
    3. The Newest software for those who that use other vendors software to burn torrents , streamers and rentals Here it comes First hint, is called ” what”
    Second hint look at the DVDRanger Home page look at the header tabs next to HOME ” IS WHAT?”
    The answer is not case sensitve


      Caps on no need to shout , . this would mean the source file was not a clean image try another source file being all source files used in the Database are retail. Our support forum also will guide you through the process correctly


    yeah Get On Up still doesnt work, did yall forget to upload the updated database so we all can download it? if not I hope yall find a solution really soon because if not are in big trouble if they start putting this new version of cinavia on all the movies

    • The new database is on the server since a couple of days. Please download and make sure you installed the new downloaded one. SetupCinExDatabase150.exe, maybe you have SetupCinExDatabase150(1).exe
      The checksum (MD5) of the new installer is: 610f00ceb69795f185d446af59d9a2b3


    If you have download the file from a torrent network, download another one.
    Some movies are cut or contain an trailer of the release group.
    Another issue maybe that you have downloaded a Screener, Webrip or DVD rip.
    Download a movie with a Blu-ray source.


    Ok now i see the problem, whenever I uninstall the old database and install the new database for “Get On UP” the installer ID is 67a82796347a4ae6ac21ad873e8313ac9611432d, the other one that you mentioned 610f00ceb69795f185d446af59d9a2b3 will not download from your website

    • You have reported the Boxtrolls as Cinavia movie. But this movie do not have Cinavia in any way we checked. Not downloaded. Not purchased and not rented. So please explain why you report this movie as a Cinavia movie. Please write down your source, ISBN number, type of source.


        Hi there,
        I have downloaded this file from multiple sources and each time i make a copy and is played in certain DVD players people have had this Cinavia Issue.


          So far your the only report Ive seen , none in the forum at all. So give us a list of these download sites if you would. Make sure your downloading DTS HD Master /5.1 Blu Rays unaltered



    I case you didn’t know, there is also the movie *Tusk* & *The Remaining* with Cinavia on the audio stream. When you can, those fixes would be greatly appreciated also.

    Thanks a lot for all your very good work !


        Well I know this can be frustrating, but *Tusk* do have Cinavia. I get the message after 20 minutes and the sound stops. If you want to satisfy your curiosity, I would be more than happy to send you the audio stream infected………it’s up to you.

        Thanks again for the great work you guys are doing


    Just a little remark while I’m here. I don’t know if you realized this, but all the *Universal Studios* movie releases now have Cinavia on English and French audio streams also (EX: A Million Ways to Die in the West, Get On Up, Dracula Untold, Ouija). It would be really helpful if you would consider to make fixes for the French audio also. I’m sure I’m not talking only for myself.

    Thanks again for all your great work!


    This is not absolute

    “but all the *Universal Studios* movie releases now have Cinavia on English and French audio streams”

    These could and can be False positives , only the CinEx HD Lab will know when they process these to find out in the lab .

    To all concern we do monitor all titles that come out and also please remember it takes 3 hrs per 20 minutes of title time per pass ” PER AUDIO STREAM ” to rid Cinavia from the audio stream with CinEx HD.

    “The Remaining” is in the CinEx HD lab


      Thanks for your reply. I really understand the amount of time it takes to create a fix for a movie and I appreciate all the great work you guys are doing and I now everyone does. I was simply asking if ever you find Cinavia on the French audio stream of a movie, if it was your intention to make a database to remove it.. Is this a reality ? I’ve tested the 4 movies I’ve told you about, and they do have Cinavia on the French audio.

      Thanks guys, for everything you do to remove this Cinavia crap !! (sorry for the language)

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