Cinavia 4.0?

With the latest Lionsgate releases the CinDe detector run into problems, CinEx also had problems with removing Cinavia. After some research and analysis of the latest streams I found out that Lionsgate use a new version of Cinavia.

What is different? Cinavia is a continuous signal. Means it is from beginning to the end. As a watermark was designed for. Cinavia itself also has some characteristics, such as the lyre.

The new way Lionsgate uses, is that only parts in the audio have Cinavia, other parts are without Cinavia. So our CinDe runs into problems to collect enough Cinavia signals to say „Contain Cinavia“.
CinEx maybe also run into little echos in the audio, because the audio has „lyre->not lyre->lyre->not lyre“ and so forth. For this I have to update the database logic.

I think that the main reason for this procedure is not CinEx or CinDe, the two software products are much too unknown. I think they are trying to get rid of AnyDVD and CloneBD. Because the modularity does not change as desired, therefore the solution of AnyDVD and CloneBD will no longer work.

But also DVDFab will get problems with the Lipsync. Because the easy replacement of the audio track is now also not so simple as before.


    Although this will undoubtedly be a lot of work for you guys I kind of see this as a positive. Meaning the other software out there is going to become useless and CinEx will once again show its true colours and blow away the competition. It really grinds my gears at how they are more popular but yet so inferior!



      Thank you Alex ,

      The Lab works hard and relentlessly on the solutions,

      Whats ashamed is the other vendors haven’t announced this finding , Hummmm , I wonder why ?


    Another lionsgate realease where database generate echos in the background.
    I used a BD torrent (988), I believe it does not work for any lionsgate BD ISO torrent (john wick 2, deepwater horizon)

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