Cinavia 3.0? Mechanic: Resurrection Database Available

Today I have to report a new way how Cinavia is used in the movie releases. Is it Cinavia 3.0? However, Lionsgate movie Mechanic: Resurrection do not have a continous Cinavia signal inside, but in some long played segments. Lionsgate movies are segmented movies, this means that a movie is splitted in many small file peaces.

I can rate this currently as a try to fight against CinDe, the free Cinavia detector. I think this is because the first part of the movie Cinavia is free, but the signal is back at the magic border of 20 minutes. However, will this hinder CinDe to do its job? Not really, because you can still scan each segment of the playlist. Maybe we will update CinDe soon to scan inside the file with a variable start time.

Personally, I have to say, I find it an honor that the film studios have taken note of CinDe. But it is crazy that the studios now fight against information tools.

In all the movie Mechanic: Resurrection seems to have many new protections inside, so DVDFab and RedFox have to do their job first. The Blu-ray image we downloaded is not played well. Because of this we have released two database files today:

Database 360 (mec202f2388ll0hanictld9enewf5e825BD02778.cnx)
This is for the MKV version you can find with SPARKS and BLOW.

Database 361 (mec202f2388ll0hanictld9enewf5e825BD02779.cnx)
Was done with the reported playlist 466. We were not able to test well. Maybe this database will get replaced. So please rate it as a beta version.

Because the first part of the movie has no Cinavia signal there is an issue with some seconds of the intro.

Both database files you can only load out of the software:


    yeah big problem with mechanic resurrection – CinDe detects no cinavia , but my blu-ray player brings up the watermark , 23 mins into the film.. gonna try your new Lab version see if it works

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