New BD cloning software – The success of stolen technology?

CinEx HD has now a competitor. We welcome this competition in form of a new BD cloning software and from a decrypter company. But we are also shocked. During our first review of this solution we encountered just bad quality with echoes and noise. Disregarding the fact that this solution also creates just lossy AC3 audio, we found out that the audio has the same negative effects as our SoundTouch solution. CinEx HD on the other hand does not have any noise or annoying effect, it is crystal clear and you can make copies from the resulting copies without any quality loss.

Unfortunately we were also able to recognize many similarities in the output with the code we have published as open source on and the SoundTouch solution that we have sent some time ago to another developer. This developer is also known in many online boards where he spread the information he is a former Verance (Cinavia makers) employee himself. He also spread some dubios stories about him and his knowledge.

We have contacted the BD cloning software company and informed them about the usage of our intellectual property and our technology and asked them to stop this or to buy a regular license. But as expected they told us officially they do not do anything forbidden. This is amazing if you look how this solution works. So what do we have: we have two companies that work very close together and claim to be different companies with different products? But actually everybody knows that these companies cooperate very deeply.

So is it really a solution from the decrypting company? We do not think so. It is actually a solution from the BD cloning software company because of it being part of the BD cloning software not the decrypter software. Look here:

Image Two

Image One

The decrypting software is a driver that processes the bit stream data from the disc. It does not demux or decode the Blu-ray data stream. So the decoding of the DTS Master HD or TrueHD signal is done by cloning BD software by using FFMPEG. So how the decrypting software is alone supposed to alter the audio stream without decoding?
And because the decoded data needs to be encoded again is why you get an AC3 encoding and not DTS Master HD or TrueHD. So the Cinavia mutilation – the BD cloning software is not removing anything – is based on CinEx/SoundTouch Technology and is done only by the BD cloning software in its process of decoding and encoding with ffmpeg and not by the decrypter software. The catchphrase here is linear processing.

To cover this issue, it is not possible to mutilate Cinavia from video files or copies done with other products – something that would be easily possible with this technology. Now everybody will recognize that it is only the BD cloning software that removes Cinavia which is a big legal issue.

For those who already developed something using the ffmpeg libs, those people also know that if you have a buffer to manipulate, e.g. to process it with CUDA, you always have to synchronize with the other process for getting the result. This is also the proof why it only works with one software and not with all other software products. It is a really deep co-operation.

Why do we claim that this is our intellectual property?

The BD cloning software solution is the same as the first CinEx solution and our current SoundTouch solution. It works exactly as the provided SoundTouch code, that was now sold to the decrypting – and the BD cloning software company without our permission. It is amazing that these companies never ask the owner for a license. We offered this a couple of time to them.

Technical Proof

The main issue on the SoundTouch solution is the wobble effect. Using the wobble effect they are doing a time stretching and shrinking with a special frequency.

They also use some other effects (FIR and compander) in parallel in order to further confuse the Cinavia detector. But our proof shows that this does not work. Maybe they are present in order to cover the wobble effect.

To give everybody a proof that this is our technology and we know all its side effects, we have provided a simple tool that will show you how easy it is to remove our original wobble effect and let Cinavia pop up again. See Attachment: Revealer.exe

The very important fact is that this manipulation can be fixed by Verance quite easily as they have already done with the outdated open source CinEx. So once Verance improves the Cinavia detector, all copies you have done with that BD cloning software solution will not work anymore and all you can do is to toss them in the garbage can. You will have to go through the process of copying and throwing away each time Verance fixes its detector and you get a new software update – for which you may have to pay some extra bucks. To make things even more troublesome you cannot make a copy of your copy because the audio quality would degrade to unbearable levels, you always have to make a copy of the original.

So they not only use our technology, they also cheat you out of your money with a simple audio effect that does not really remove Cinavia.

The Only Proper Solution

CinEx HD is the solution that genuinely removes Cinavia. The Cinavia signal is totally gone and so it is not possible to detect it anymore. There is no fix possible to the Cinavia detector in order to undo this removal because it is a genuine removal and not just a mutilation. So removing the signal altogether is the only clean and future proof step which is also the reason why you need a database with CinEx HD.

Customer Part

It is amazing that the decrypting and the BD cloning software company now releases a solution similar to the one that they called “no way” for 2 years in their forum. Their most used argument against CinEx HD was that the final output is DTS 5.1 (AC3). Why did they use open source code and pruchase our technology from others rather than from us? CinEx was published as the only solution readily integrated into ffmpeg. Same as the BD cloning software solution. For everybody who is interested into this matter: GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3, 29 June 2007

Your part will be to see that this software is a real scam. Simply try to reveal the Cinavia signal which is still present in your copy. Write the company a petition and tell them to purchase a license from the owner and not from thieves. Or even better, give their users a free copy of CinEx HD.


Short tutorial on how to re-enable Cinavia. This shows that we know everything about the solution and that this technology is our copyright, our stolen SoundTouch Technology. It also shows you why CinEx HD is the only proper solution.

Tested with “Moneyball” and “Make Your Move”

  1. Copy Moneyball from Blu-ray to Folder to “fix” Cinavia with the BD cloning and decrypter software. Make sure you will make a 25 GB 1:1 copy to make sure the Cinavia solution will work.
  2. Rip a 2 Channel h264/aac mp4 file from this copy. Rip just the first 8 minutes.
  3. Demux mp4 file to get an AAC audio track.
  4. Run it through revealer.exe (revealer.exe “xxxx.aac”)
  5. Mux the 8 Minute PCM audio file from revealer.exe into your video. We suggest encoding it to aac audio.
  6. Play this video file three times in your PS3. During the third playback you will see Cinavia again.**

Note: Yes, these steps are long and complicated. It is just for those who are interested to see how to re-enable Cinavia again and see that we are the copyright owner and know our own technology very well.
Note that even through the signal is encoded several times, processed and “reverse processed”, the Cinavia detector will still see the signal. This is easily explained due to the detector being oblivious to all these steps as it just sees an audio signal with some more noise than usual due to the heavy processing. Knowing this, it is clear that it is only a small improvement for the detector to be able to see through the wobble and make the revealer obsolete.

**The Cinavia detector reports first time after 20 minutes of data input. So a total playtime of 20 minutes is needed.


    Competitor or not. You’ve always got my business right here. I’m a lifer. I’m a very happy customer with CinEX and DVDRanger and I’m not going anywhere. The staff are excellent and the product is top notch. Why would a person try anything else if the product they have is perfection?.

    • Our software is designed to remove Cinavia from copies done with ALL copy software products available. No matter if 1:1, movie only or video rips. If you want to remove Cinavia on the fly from a original disc, only you need a decrypter not we. This is also why we also can remove Cinavia from downloads. There are some other decrpyter available.

      But because you use this decrypter in combination with our software it is now ok that this company has used our technology without our permission? This sounds really amazing.
      This time we have provided a proof with our blog post. You tried? Where is the lost of competence now?


        You first posted the code in a open source website and after few weeks your remove it, which on its own is in vioation of the GPL. Dont accuse your competitors when you do similar things. Where is your open source code version? Why you removed? It is a vioation of the GPL

        • @ayumifan007: Smells very to a desperated tryout to say we are the bad guys. But I suggest to read GPL and the idea behind. The source was the whole time available. Just the “Project” page on was closed because we do not wanted to give support, support tickets, discussion board, user management and so forth. So open source is not equal to sourceforge. It is just a “Project” hosting page.
          So to say that we have removed the code is wrong. We just have removed the possibilities sourceforge offer. We have set the flag to “Not under develeopment” to give all people exact this information.


        IF they use a similar approach doesn’t mean that they stole you product. DO you have their code source to know if is the same? I don’t think so. We can even compare who offers better customer service and support. Your dvd copy software had not been updated for months, you only focus in cinex.


          We have the only support forum that offers Remote Support and :Live Phone Support so please state facts , this announcement is about CinEx HD Utility Code

        • ayumifan007: Again you need to learn to read before write. Why we need the code? For what reason we need the code? Try out the revealer.exe. This tool will show you the proof. Only those people who know the orignal code know what was used to hide Cinavia and only those who have developed the solution know how to disable the solution with an easy.
          If you say it is not a proof, than this solution we discuss is just scam and fraudulent because you say, everybody can enable Cinavia again with an ease. In this case Verance, too. And finaly this solution is not a solution. Think about it.


            The tool revealer.exe don’t shows that they used your code, only a similar solution. You can’t claim that they used your code if you don’t have compared their code with yours. The solution can be similar but not same.

          • @ayumifan007: Ok, so if you do not accept the proof that we can disable the used, our technology, with an ease, you are free to discuss with Slysoft to publish their source code.
            We can only show you users that the “solution” is no solution. we can show you to re-eanble the Cinavia signal. So please explain how we can know this if we are not the owner of this technology?


      Please read the article again slowly , this is theft of Copyrighted software which is copyright infringement . Plus all Bd copy software needs a 3rd party decryption tool and to my knowledge no one has it built in selling in the USA

        • @ayumifan007: We produce the worldwide best Cinavia free audio. The catchphrase is “free”. So you can make copies from the copy ad from this copy a copy without any problems. Because there is no comparsion it is currently the HD solution under the available solutions. So we can say it is HD. About the downmix of the audio, everyone can test CinEx HD and decide to have a AC3 with noise and echoes (Slysoft) or crystal clear audio, liek we have.

  2. 123copytest1

    I have tested the command line tool they provide as proof and it works. The Cinavia signal was right back after 20 minutes. My respect. Keep going DVDRanger..


    Also guys can you tell me 1 thing… In the Database its say always english track… Does it mean if I’m watching the moovie in French i will get back cinavia poppup?

    • This is because we have 99.9% english speaking customers. We have started 2 polls to get movie with other language that have Cinavia. However since today we have SoundTouch 2 in the software. You can use this now for movies without a database and other languages.

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