All Eyez On Me DVD Database Available

Today we have released the database files for the blockbuster:

  • All Eyez On Me, English Track

DVD Note:
Do not forget that you can download database files for DVD only out of the software, not out of the member area.
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  1. Walris

    So very odd with this title, from a retail DVD. CinEX HD database locks on and removes Cinavia, but when using CinDe 0.95 to check each resulting DVD file for Cinavia, the first VOB file still shows that Cinavia is detected. The others do not. Any idea why this would happen? Is it a false positive?


    Did CinEx HD remove it ? with the Database thats all that matters

    I leave the Tech end to the GURU’s in the Lab that IV REDBULL an MONSTER drinks to figure out issues of this nature

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