3D Workaround

There are two 3D Blu-ray workarounds available, done by CinEx HD users. The first solution was tested with common 3D Blu-ray and the second solution was also tested with segmented 3D Blu-ray.
Note: Both solutions are workarounds and do not work with all software products.

First workaround (July 6, 2016)

One of our user post his Blu-ray 3D experience on our website. We put it here for more audience:
I figured out how to remove Cinavia from 3D titles today:

  • Basically I converted Hotel Transylvania into 2D as Cinex doesn’t support 3D titles yet. I chose no compression.
  • Once in 2D I ran it through Cinex and removed the Cinavia.
  • I then demuxed with TSmuxer the Dolby 5.1 track that I just used the database on and muxed back into the original m2ts, replacing a commentary track of the same codec (making sure I named it the same as the file i was replacing to be safe).
  • I then swapped the edited m2ts with the original one in the bd structure.
  • Finally I ran through BDRebuilder and unchecked all audio tracks except my new Cinavia free track and it works flawlessly.

The user stated: I don’t know if this is any help to anyone and if anybody needs me to go into more detail then I’m glad to help.

Second workaround (July-11-16)

Updated workaround solution for 3D. New process is as follows.

  • 1. Create a 2d movie only backup with Dvdfab. This makes it easier to identify the M2ts files needed if they are split up. Select 50gb mode and include all tracks and subs.
  • 2. Run 2d backup through Cinex HD and remove Cinavia.
  • 3. Demux the ac3 5.1 640kbps audio tracks with TSMuxer in demux mode into a safe place. They will be named accordingly.
  • 4. Delete previous backups to simplify things.
  • 5.create a 3d full 50gb backup with BD Rebuilder but uncheck the do not convert dts to ac3 option in the settings. Select all tracks again and run.
  • 6. Once finished you need to replace the cinavia infected track with your demuxed tracks that you made earlier in step 3 with TSMuxer in m2ts mode. Keep an eye on the audio delay because if there is one you need to add that to match the track you are replacing. Make sure your track is in the same position I.E track 3 and specify as English.
  • 7. Replace newly created m2ts files from step 5 with the ones in bd structure and run through BD Rebuilder again to finish.
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  1. pedrocarrasco20@yahoo.es

    I’ve been making a copy of passenger 3D bd disc eliminating cinavia from this method, but I don’t know how to make the las point. I downloaded the programs mention in the tutorial, and I have done it step by step, but this part “Replace newly created m2ts files from step 5 with the ones in bd structure and run through BD Rebuilder again to finish” DON’T KNOW HOW TO DO IT.
    Could you help finish? thanks.

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