April 2015

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  • New CinEx HD Database available

    With all the bad news the past days about our stolen technology now something good. Today we have release the database file for the blockbuster “The Boy Next Door” Release date 04/28/2015 Download Free Trial Now! | Download For Registered Users

  • New proof about the stolen technology

    After having published the article about our technology which was stolen, we feel we have to clarify some misunderstandings. First off, we have to explain what open source is and what it stands for. The most important thing about open source is that with most licenses copying is still restricted. In the case of GPL […]

  • Proof & Video Comparison

    Software Proof We have now published three tools. All this tools are available under GPL at sourceforge.net Revealer.exe: This will re-enable Cinavia in all the copies done with the decrypter and BD cloning software solution. Download Wobbler.exe (Update): This tool will add the SoundTouch effect, that the decrypter and BD cloning software solution use. Yes, […]

  • New BD cloning software – The success of stolen technology?

    CinEx HD has now a competitor. We welcome this competition in form of a new BD cloning software and from a decrypter company. But we are also shocked. During our first review of this solution we encountered just bad quality with echoes and noise. Disregarding the fact that this solution also creates just lossy AC3 […]

  • CinEx HD Utility available

    Today we have released the CinEx HD Utility This update contain some fixes for newest database files and also a better Atmos decoder. New Feature: Direct Download We have added now a direct download feature. You can now download the database files directly out of the software. No download of the installer files is […]