October 2014

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  • Honor to whom honor is due

    Some people have noticed that there was an error in the database for “SexTape”. According to the reports we have investigated what could be the problem and behold, we have identified the problem. We can only say that CineX HD is now topped by Hollywood. Because with “SexTape” Cinavia was so changed, that it bothers […]

  • Cinavia – Ignored by your Blu-ray copying software?

    For two years, DVD-Ranger has been offering its successful Cinavia solution. In the beginning, we started with a low quality removal method of CinEx. After two years of persistence and hard work, CinEx evolved into CinEx HD! We are now able to remove Cinavia while maintaining high quality 6 Channel DTS sound. With CinEx HD […]

  • New Updates are available

    Today we have released new updates for CinEx HD Utility and DVD-Ranger CinEx HD Note: All new downloads are currently not signed. With the server crash the certificate was lost, too and Comodo is not as fast as expected. During the next week all downloads will be signed again.

  • Restore complete

    All CinEx HD database files are 100% restored. 98% of all member accounts were restored after our server crash. The missing 2% are special accounts or purchase we cannot reproduce. Please send us a message to: callcenter@dvd2hd.com including your email address and your license key if: 1.) You are one of this 2% leftovers 2.) […]

  • CinEx HD Database

    All CinEx HD database files are 100% restored. According to the wishes of the members we have added a new selection page to the member area to select now each movie to download. The old full view is still available.

  • Server restore

    Today we have reached 70% restored data. So 70% of the members and 70% of the database files are back online. All users got a email with a new password. Please understand that with the server crash your old passwords are gone, too. in 1 day we hope to bring back the 100% to enjoy […]

  • Recently, somewhere

    It is funny to monitor some websites and people after we publish a post about copy protection. Like with the last post we made, some nerds used the chance to post again embarrassing bullshit. It is amazing why those people do not ask us or discuss with us? No, these people prefer to embarrass themselves […]